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Stack #106308

New Practical Chinese Reader Lesson 18

ji4 de2 记得 to remember
yi1 xie2 一些 some
zhe4 xie2 这些 these
na4 xie2 那些 those
jiu4 de 旧的 old
bao1 guo3 包裹 package
wang3 towards
hang2 kong1 航空 by air
hai3 yun4 海运 by sea
you2 fei4 邮费 postage
you2 piao4 邮票 stamp
hai3 guan1 海关 customs
qu3 to pick up
tong1 zhi1 dan1 通知单 form
hu4 zhao4 护照 passport
zou3 lu4 走路 to walk (along the road)
gong1 gong4 qi4 che1 公共汽车 bus
che1 piao4 车票 bus ticket
jing1 guo4 经过 to pass by
hao3 xiang4 好像 to resemble; seems like
li3 bian1 里边 inside
wai4 bian1 外边 outside
zhan4 station
di4 tie3 地铁 subway
fang4 xin1 放心 to be relaxed
ran2 hou4 然后 then, next
cuo4 wrong
Created by: kentabacchi
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