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Science 10/24/12

Life science test on Tuesday

What does taxonomy mean? The classifying of organisms
Name the taxonomic classifications in order from most general to most specific kingdom phylum class order family genus species
Name the five kingdoms with an example of that kingdom and a characteristic Monera, unicelled,lack some cell structure, bacteria and blue-green algae; Protists,uni or multicelled,some are photosynthetic,both macro and micro scopic,protozoan such as amoeba and red algae;
Name the five kingdoms with an example of that kingdom, characterisitcs, and an example ( Fungi, Animalia, Plantae) Fungi, few uni - mostly multicelled,do not contain chlorophyll,absorb their nutrients,mushrooms; Plantae, multi celled- tissues,contain chlorophyll,nonmoving,have cell wall for support, tree; ANimalia,multicelled- tissues,not photosynthetic,ability to mov
Name the five kingdoms Monera, Protista, FUngi, ANimalia, PLantae
WHo is credited with the modern classification system? Carolus Lineaus
What is a scientific name? a 2 word name that identifies one kind of organism
What is the proper use of a scientific name? To study and discuss the organism
WHat are the rules for scientific name? Genus-species name is used,first word capitalized, second name not,descriptive name,name is in latin or latinized,first person to publish organism names it,cant duplicate another name
Why do some scientific names change? Because someone finds another way to better classify the organism
Who gets to name an organism? first person to identify,describe it,and publish it
SOme scientists try to use common ancestry through the classification system to prove what theory? Evolution
What is a biblical kind? A specicies that can reproduce after its kind
What is an organism? A complete living thing
What is a life span? stages of life that are slipt up into birth, growth, reproduction, and death
What must something do to be living? Carry out the life process
Created by: mhaddix