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Latin vocab 1-21

Emerson Latin 1 vocabulary

incola settler
agricola farmer
amita aunt
famula maid, female servant
femina woman
puella girl
bestia wild animal
casa house
filia daughter
filius son
unda wave
ursa bear
aqua water
fabula story, legend
clamo I shout
amat he loves
vocatis you all call
narro I tell
appropinquant they approach
clamamus we shout
laudatis you all praise
iuvas you help
Hannibal ad porta Hannibal is at the gate
post scriptum written afterwards
e pluribus unum one out of many
veni, vidi, vici I came, I saw, I conquered
dum spiro, spero while I breathe, I hope
semper fidelis always faithful
cave canem beware of dog
sum I am
es you are
est he, she, it is
sumus we are
estis you all are
sunt they are
unus 1
duo 2
tres 3
quattor 4
quinque 5
sex 6
septem 7
octo 8
novem 9
decem 10
centum 100
mille 1000
harena, harenae sand, beach
mensa, mensae table
nauta, nautae sailor
poeta, poetae poet
ripa, ripae bank of a river
debeo, debere I owe
anulus, anuli ring
"Cogito ergo sum" I think, therefore I am
celo, celare I hide
erro, errare I wander
exspecto, exspectare I wait for
exploro, explorare I explore
augeo, augere I enlarge, increase
cum laude with praise
habito, habitare I live in, dwell
navigo, navigare I sail
occupo, occupare I seize, occupy
et cetera and the rest
hasta, hastae spear
nympha, myphae nymph
pirata, piratae pirate
neco, necare I kill
amicus, amici friend
anno Domini in the year of our Lord
nomino, nominare I name
oro, orare I beg or speak
oppugno, oppugnare I attack
sedeo, sedere I sit
post scriptum written after
eram I was
eras you were
erat he, she, it was
eramus we were
eratis you all were
erant they were
ero I shall be
eris you will be
erit he, she, it will be
erimus we shall be
eritis you all will be
erunt they will be
postulo, postulare I demand
porto, portare I carry
propero, properare I hurry, hasten
corona, coronae crown
coma, comae hair
gemma, gemmae gem
lacuna, lucunae pond
latebra, latebrae hiding place
ante-bellum before the war
cura, curae care, worry
fenestra, fenestrae window
figura, figurae figure, shape
flamma, flammae flame
galea, galeae helmet
Sic Semper Tyrannnis Thus always to tyrants!
herba, herbae herb, plant
insula, insulae island
ianua, ianuae door
navicula, naviculae boat
regia, regiae castle
regina, reginae queen
ora, orae coast, shore
paeninsula, paeninsulae peninsula
provincia, provinciae province
rota, rotae wheel
semita, semitae path
silva, silvae forest
stella, stellae star
tenebrae, tenebrarum shadows, darkness
terra, terrae earth
turba, turbae crowd, mob
villa, villae villa, house
via, viae road, way
do, dare, dedi, datum I give
monstro, monstrare, monstravi, monstratum I show, point out
rogo, rogare, rogavi, rogatum I ask
specto, spectare, spectavi, spectatum I look at, watch
sto, stare, steti, statum I stand
servo, servare, servavi, servatum I save
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