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Collect Patient Data

Health Sciences

What is pyrexia? A term for a fever
What is a apical pusle? Pulse taken with a stethoscope at the apex of the heart.
What is the normal range for body temp.?
How to prepare for the patient? Room is neat, supplies are avaliable, review the patient's chart to anticipate patient needs
What does financial policy of the practice include? Billing, insurance billing, co-payments, finance charges
What is democratic data? Patient's full name, address, mailing address, if different, Telephone number(home, work), Date of birth, social security, insurance information emergency contact person
What is HIPPA? Privacy rule liminting the relasese of patient infromation, infomation to the patient must include:Statement of patient's rights, facility's practices releated to privacym where/how to file a complaint, receipt of information must be signed by patient.
How can one request infromation? To request info. from previous providers to obtain medical records, to allow sharing of info. with family members at patient's request
What does medical history imclude? Cheif complaint, present illness, medical history, family history, social history, rewiew of systems.
What is a patient interview? Demographic data, finanical data, privacy data, release of information, medical history
What is an assessment? Determination of normal versus abnormal values based on pateint resluts
What is an ausculation? Listening to sounds produced by the body as the organs perform their functions
What is an objective? Perceptible to the external senses; results that are measurbale.
What is an observation? Using the sense of sight to determine characteristcis of a patient
What is an opthalmoscope? Instrument used to examine the interior of the eyes?
What is an otoscope? Intrument used for inspection of the ears
What is a palpation? Using touch(fingers) to determine physcial charcateristics of tissues or organs
What is penlight? Flashlight used to observe size and reaction of the pateint's pupils
What is a percussion? Tapping a prat of thw body with the fingers to determine the sieze,postion, and denstiy of the organs underneath
What is a plan? How the pateint results are used?
What is a record? Documentation of pateint reults
What is a reflex hammer? Instrumnet used to test pateint results
What is a report? Telling the appropriate person information regarind a pateint's condition
What is a sphygmomanometer? Instrument used to measure arterial blood pressure
What is a stethoscope? Used to hear and amplify sounds produced by the heart and other organs
What is subjective? Percieved by the person involved; the patient's description of condition(not measurable)
What is a tonometer? Instrument used to measure introacular
What is a scale? Used to measure weight
Created by: Netta16