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8Sci_Water Quality-1

Water Quality & Bioindicators (Tabat)

What is the main reason scientists monitor the water quality of streams, lakes & other water sources? to protect the health of humans
What is the reason macroinvertibrates are used as water quality indicators? They are sensitive to changes in the ecosystem and many live in an aquatic ecosystem for over a year.
Why is filtration an important part of water treatment? filtration removes small particles from the water
Why does a scientist use nets to capture and count organisms in a river? to measure biodiversity
What substance is used on a sewage treatment system to kill harmful bacteria? chlorine
What is the difference between primary and secondary sewage treatment? primary treatment removes the solid materials
What class of macroinvertebrates indicate polluted streams, lakes or rivers by their absence? class I
What profession most likely includes daily monitoring of the hydrosphere? meteorologist
What can households do to help the local wastewater treatment facility function properly? flush only human waste and toilet paper down the toilet
How can frogs be used to indicate the health of a water system? they will sicken or die in a polluted environment
Why are water quality standards necessary? to prevent water from having excessive levels of pollutants
How will turbidity most likely affect a watershed? water temperatures will increase and dissolved oxygen levels will decrease
What is the greatest impact of large quantities of sediment flowing into North Carolina's rivers and streams? sediment prevents light from reaching plants
What profession studies the quantity, distribution, circulation and physical properties of all bodies of water? hydrologist
Why does a flood have the greatest impact on local water quality? it allows many foreign materials to enter the water
Why should a community develop a clean water source? they are concerned about the health of themselves and their environment
How can communities best determine if methods used to maintain water quality can justify the economic trade-offs involved? by evaluating health benefits of higher water quality
Why are Americans warned to avoid drinking the water when visiting other countries? water in other countries may not be treated and could cause illness
What was the 1948 Federal Water Pollution Control Act? the first major US law to address water pollution
What year was the Clean Water Act passed? 1972
Why do scientists monitor macroinvertebrates and other species such as frogs? to check the quality of water in a stream, lake or river
Why do communities not use tertiary water treatment? the cost is too high
What does the tertiary water treatment do? it removes almost 100% of waste in the water
What is the critical factor in determining habitat suitability for aquatic organisms? concentration of dissolved oxygen
How can humans most directly influence what happens in a river basin in a positive way? protect the soil, air, water, plants and animals
What activity in a river basin would most likely contribute to the pollution of a river? using a hose to wash motor oil from an asphalt driveway
Created by: ndmsteach