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USF MT 6-8

ANDR- man, male
ANKYL-, ANCYL- fused, stiffened; hooked, crooked
APHRODIS(I)- sexual desire; pertaining to Aphrodite
BRACHY- short
CRYPT- hidden, latent
DEM- people, population
DOLICH- long, narrow, slender
DROM- a running
ER-, EROT- sexual desire
GYN(EC)- woman, female
HELMINT(H)- (intestinal) worm
NEMAT- thread (worm)
NOS- disease, illness
ODONT- tooth
PALI(N)- back, again
PAN(T)- all, entire, every
PHOR- bearing, carrying
PHOS-, PHOT- light, daylight
PLEC-, PLEG- strike, paralyze
R(H)ACHI- spine
SCHIZ-, SCHIST-, -SCHISIS split, cleft, fissure
SPONDYL- vertebra
-STAXIS, -STAXIA dripping, oozing (of blood)
THAN(AT)- death
THE- place, put
TRICH- hair
TROPH- nourishment
ADEN- gland
AER- air, gas
BLENN- mucus
CEL(I)- abdomen
CH(E)IL- lip
CHRON- time, timing
CLA(S)-, -CLAST break (up), destroy
-DESIS binding
DESM- [binding] ligament, connective tissue
DYNAM- force, power, energy
GER- old age
GNATH- (lower) jaw
ISCH-, -SCHE- suppress, check
KLEPT- steal
LEI- smooth
LEP- attack, seizure
MAN- be mad
MEL- limb
MORPH- form, shape
NOM- law
OMPHAL- naval, umbilicus
PED- child
PEN- decrease, deficiency
-PEX- fixing, (surgical) attachment
PLAS(T)- form, develop
PRESBY- old, old age
PROSTAT- prostate gland [one who stands before]
PTY- spit
PYTAL- saliva
-RRHAPH- suture
SIT- food
STA(T)- stand, stop
TAX- (muscular) coordination
THERM- heat, (body) temperature
TROP- turning
ab-, abs-, a away from
ad-, ac-, etc. to, towards
ambi- both
ante- before, forward
bi-, bin-, bis- twice
circum- around
con-, co-, col-, etc. together, with, thoroughly, very
contra- against, opposite
de- down, away from, absent
dis-, di-, dif- apart, away
ex-, e-, ef- out of, away from
extra-, extro- on the outside, beyond
in- (adverbial) in, into
in- (negative) not
in- (intensive) very, thoroughly
infra- beneath, below
inter- between
intra-, intro- within
non- not
mult-, multi- many, much, affecting many parts
ob-, oc-, op- against, towards; very, thoroughly
per-, pel- through; very, thoroughly
post- after, following, behind
pre- before, in front of
pro- forward, in front
re- back, again
retro- backward, in back, behind
se- apart, away from
semi- half-
sub-, suf-, sup- under
super-, supra- over, above, excess
trans- across, through
ultra- beyond, excess
ABDOMIN- belly, abdomen
ADIP- fat
AUR- ear
BACILL- bacillus (rod, staff)
BURS- bursa (leather sac)
CALC- stone, calcium, lime (salts)
CALOR- heat, energy
CAPIT- head
CEREBR- brain
COST- rib
DENT- tooth
DORS- back (of the body)
EXTERN- outer
FIBR- fiber, filament
FISTUL- fistula, abnormal tubelike body passage
INSUL- island
INTERN- inner
MEAT- passage, opening, meatus
NAS- nose
PUR- pus
REN- kidney
SANGUI(N)- blood
SON- sound
SYNOV- synovial fluid, synovial membrane or sac
TUB- tube (trumpet)
TUSS- cough
VACC- cow
VIR-, VIRUS- virus [poison, venom]
VISCER- internal organ(s)
-an pertaining to, located in
-ar pertaining to, located in
-arium place for something
-ary a place for something
-ary pertaining to
-ate having the form of, possessing
-ia forms abstract nouns
-ian expert in a certain field
-ic pertaining to
-id pertaining to
-ile pertaining to, capable of
-ine pertaining to, located in
-ive pertaining to
-lent full of
-ose full of
-ous full of
-ty forms abstract nouns
-y forms abstract nouns
-cle, -culus indicates smallness
-ella-, -ellum indicates smallness
-il, -illa indicates smallness
-ola, -olus indicates smallness
-ule, -ulus indicates smallne
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