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Effectiveness of Hand Scrubbing

What is a surgeon trying to accomplish with a 10 minute scrub with a brush followed by an antiseptic? Scrubbing is an attempt to dislodge as many microbes as possible. An antiseptic is used to kill as many of the remaining microbes as possible.
Normal microbiota vs transient microbiota Differences: Normal microbiota-colonize on/in the body. Transient microbiota- present for a brief period of time, depending on the local conditions and competing microorganisms. Similarities: Neither cause disease.
Liquid soap vs bar soap Bar soap can provide a culture medium for bacteria. Bacteria are less likely to gain access to liquid soap.
Most of the normal microbiota and transient microbiota aren't harmful, then why must hands be scrubbed before surgery? Because any microbe that enters a normally sterile location or a compromised host can be harmful.
soap product and container outlets vs pump bottles Microbiota from skin can contaminate soap products or container outlets that are touched. Bacteria can grow in these soaps. Pump bottle are the least likely to get contaminated.
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