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Transfer of Bacteria: Aseptic Technique

Why flame the loop? To incinerate any organisms on the loop
Why flame the mouth of the tube? Because it'll kill microorganisms on the tube and convection currents will prevent airborne contaminants from entering the tube.
Why wait for the loop to cool? To prevent killing of bacteria to be transfered and to prevent formation of aerosols.
What other methods can be used to determine motility aside from wet mount? hanging-drop procedure flagella stain & semisolid stab culture.
What is the primary use of slants? To store pure cultures
What is the primary use of deeps? To store anaerobic cultures or to test oxygen requirements
What is the primary use of broths? To obtain a large number of bacteria
What is the purpose of flaming the loop before use? To prevent contamination of an experiment by unwanted organisms.
What is the purpose of flaming the loop after use? To prevent contamination of the laboratory worker by organisms being studied
Why must the loop be cool before you touch it to a culture? To avoid killing desired organisms
Should you set the loop down to let it cool? Why or why not? No. To avoid contamination by microorganisms on the workbench
How do you determine when the loop is cool? Through trial and error
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