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Define Bio-hazard dangerous or infectious
Why is bio-hazard necessary dispose of contaminated items safety of you and the patient
define blood borne pathogen disease infected
define sharp container container for anything that is sharp
what doesn't go in bio-hazard red bag used gloves
what don't you place in a sharp container needle holder
name safety equipment for the lab goggles, lab coats, gloves
what indicates that a sharp container is full fill line
is a red bag a bio-hazard bag true
terry towel soaked in blood in regular trash false
where does a bloody terry towel go goes in bio-hazard
hepatitis b is a virus that is easily cured false
HIV and hpv may be present in bodily fluids other then blood true
no single approach to controlling the spread of blood borne pathogens is 100% effective true
every time you remove your gloves you must wash your hands with soap and running water asap true
once blood gets on your hands its too late to take preventative measures false
it's OK to store food with blood in the fridge false
the type of protective equipment needed for a given task depends on the degree of the exposure you anticipate true
if utility gloves are damaged you should patch the holes and use them false
hep b vaccine used in the US can not transmit blood borne disease true
good housekeeping is the soul responsibility of the house keeper false
lifespan of the red blood cell 120 days
puncture site should be determined after inspecting both arms true
if the patient's veins are small or fragile the vacutainer method should be used false
if too little blood is collected in a tube containing edta the test results will be inaccurate true
the capillary puncture is a quick and efficient method to collect with a large amount of blood false
the tourniquet should be applied 4-5 inches above the venipuncture site false
you should not stick a patient more then twice to obtain blood true
pressure must be applied to a atrial puncture site for at least 5 minutes true
all alternative sites for the venipuncture should be chosen when the area is bruised true
when drawing multiple specimens it is important to fill which color tube first red
first step when performing a capillary puncture identify patient
blood collection tube containing edta is what color lavender/purple
an instrument that is used to spin down specimens centrifuge
what is the main preferred site for venipuncture median cephalic
the anticoagulant sodium citrate is recommended for what studies coagulation test
when attempting to draw multiple specimens from the hand it's best to use a what 23 butterfly with vacu
leaving a tourniquet on for more then two minutes will cause what obstruction of the vein and alter diagnosis
the needle should be inserted at what degree of angle 15
release the tourniquet before removing the needle from the vein to prevent hematoma
the bevel of a needle should be facing up
if the needle is not introduced far enough into the vein what should you do lower angle and advance forward
a good blood smear should meet the following conditions all of the above
how many times do you invert 8-10
Three ways to protect yourself when performing venipuncture wear ppes have supplies and sharp container
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