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Top 200 Week 9 Unl

Unlabeled Uses

lisinopril -
enalapril delay progress of nephropathy and dec cardiac events in type I and II DM, HTN crisis, diabetic nephropathy, diagnosis of aldosteronism, Bartters syndrome
quinapril LVD after MI, ped HTN, delay progress of nephropathy and decrease cardiac events in type I and II DM
ramipril HF, delay progress of nephropathy and decrease cardiac events in type I an dII DM
benazepril -
hydrochlorothiazide lithium induced diabetes insipidus
furosemide -
propranolol tremor due to Parkinsons, ethanol withdrawal, aggressive behavior, anxiety, schizophrenia, acute panic, TOF, hypercyanotic spells
atenolol acute ethanol withdrawal, supra and ventricular arrythmias, migraine HA proph
metoprolol succinate ventric arrhthmias, atrial ectopy, migraine prophylaxis, essential tremore, aggresive behavior, prevent reinfarction, afib, aflutter
metoprolol tartrate ventric arrythmias, atrial ectopy, migraine proph, essential tremor, aggressive behavior, prevent reinfarction, afib, aflutter
nebivolol HF
carvedilol angina pectoris
valsartan -
olmesartan -
lisinopril/HCTZ -
triamterene/HCTZ -
losartan/HCTZ -
amlodipine -
amlodipine besylate/benazepril -
olmesartan/HCTZ -
nifedipine ER pulmonary HTN, preterm labor, Raynauds
verapamil ER migraine, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, bipolar
hydralazine HF, HTN secondary to pre-eclampsia/eclampsia
clonidine heroine/nicotine withdrawal, severe pain, dysmenorrhea, alc dependence, migraine proph, glaucoma, ADHD, impulse control, diagnosis of growth hormone def
losartan slow rate of progression of aortic root dilation in peds with Marfans syndrome
spironolactone female acne, hirsutism, ped HTN
valsartan/HCTZ -
Created by: steponmegrace