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Top 200 Week 9 Label

Labeled Uses

lisinopril HTN alone or in combo, adjunct in HF,acute MI, LVD
enalapril HTN, tx of symptomatic HF, tx of asymptomatic LVD
quinapril HTN, HF
ramipril HTN alone or w/ thiazide diuretic, LVD after MI, reduce risk of MI/ stroke/death
benazepril HTN alone or in combo
hydrochlorothiazide mild to mod HTN, edema in HF and nephrotic syndrome
furosemide management of edema with HF, acute pulmonary edema, HTN alone or in combo
propranolol HTN, angina pectoris, pheochromocytoma, essential tremor, spurave arrhythm, migraine proph, prevent MI, ventricular tachycardia
atenolol HTN alone or in combo, angina pectoris, secondary prev of post MI
metoprolol succinate angina pectoris, HTN, hemodynamic stable acute MI
metoprolol tartrate angina pectoris, HTN, reduce mortality in pts w/ HF
nebivolol HTN alone or in combo
carvedilol mild to severe HF, LVD following MI, HTN
valsartan essential HTN alone or combo, HF, decrease mortality in LVD pts
olmesartan HTN alone or in combo
lisinopril/HCTZ HTN
triamterene/HCTZ edema, HTN (if hypokalemia develops or needs to be avoided)
losartan/HCTZ HTN, HTN in pt with LVH
valsartan/HCTZ HTN
amlodipine HTN, symptomatic chronic stable angina, angina w/ CAD
amlodipine besylate/benazepril HTN
olmesartan/HCTZ HTN (not initial)
nifedipine ER chronic stable or vasospastic angina, HTN
verapamil ER HTN, angina pectoris, supraventricular tachyarrhythmia
hydralazine mod to severe HTN
clonidine mild to mod HTN, IV has other
losartan HTN, diabetic neuropathy, stroke risk reduction in pt with HTN and LVH
spironolactone manage edema, HTN, primary hypoalodsteronism, hypokalemia, cirrhosis, severe HF
Created by: steponmegrace