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principal symptom of pin worms anal itching
when to apraoch parents for preventative education after poison exposure assess parents not to be in crisis mode
Factors to consider in assessing for exposure to communicable diseases immunizations, disease exposure
primary prevention nursing interventions that prevent the disease from being aquired. pt does not currently have the disease process
Why is vomitting not induced after ingestion of a goasoline based fluid? aspiration pneumonia, bronchitis or chemical pneumonia may occur
what are the clinical s/sx if a child has ingested a corrosive material? edema of airway, drooling, unable to talk, dyspnea
Priority nursing intervention when an ingestion has occured Airway/respiratory status
medication used for primary intervention for varicella varivax immunization
medication used for immunue insufficient child exposed to varicella varicella zoster immune globlin (VZIG)
medication used to decrease severity and length of s/sx of varicella acyclovir
why does the pt. with pertusis have a problem with nutrition paroxysmal pattern of coughing causes the child to vomit
servere consequnce of salicylate overdose (asprin) risk for increase bleeding times due to decrease prothrombin production
the use of EDTA is dependent on_______ kidney function
clinical manifestation to monitor for during the use of chelation therapy due to rebound effect seizure activity
the goal for using the medications sucimer and EDTA allow lead to be drawn into blood stream for excretion thru the kidneys
prodromal stage of communciable disease non specific s/sx of disease (HA, increase temp, general malaise)
Illness has specific s/sx
convalescence acute s/sx disappear, pt is usually not contagious
mode of transmission will indicate type of isolation needed
antipyretic not used with children 18 yrs old and younger aspirin
drug of choice for group A beta strep infections PCN
characteristics of strep rash (scarlet fever) erythemic, feels like fine sand paper, diffuse
complications of rubella tetragenic to fetus
presentation of roseola high fever for 2-3 days. When fever breaks, diffuse, flat, erythemic rash appears over toroso
types of conjunctivitis bacterial, viral, allergic, duct obstruction
goal of nursing interventions with poison ingestions decrease absorption of poison
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