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Skeletal system

Long bones Shaft called the diaphysis, has definite ends called the epiphysis Fingers, toes, arms, legs
Short bones Chunky and block shaped, no ends or shaft wrist, back of foot
Flat bones Make blood cells Hip, clavicle, scapula, ribs,cranium
Irregular bones Face bones, vertebrae
Osteons Set of osteocytes surrounding a central canal
Haversian canal Central canal needed to remove waste and provide nutrients
Osteocytes 2 types Osteoblasts-add calcium to the bone and Osteoclasts-take calcium out of the bone
Lacunae Fluid filled space around the cell
Canaliculi Connect lacunae back to the central canal
Endochondral Depositing calcium into cartilage
Ossification Process of hardening (the bone getting harder)
Primary ossification center The process of making the shaft turn into bone
Secondary ossification center The processes that grow on the bone
Epiphyseal plate (growth plate) The cartilage between ossification centers, the last cartilage to turn to bone, once gone the bone can no longer grow
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