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Vocab 21.1

Terms for chapter 21 section 1

biome a large region characterized by a specific type of climate and certain types of plant and animal communities
tundra a treeless plain that is located in the Arctic or Antarctica and that is characterized y very low winter temperatures; short, cool summers; and vegetation that consists of grasses, lichens, perennial herbs
permafrost in arctic regions, the permanently frozen layer of soil os subsoil
tropical forest a region of forest or jungle that located near the equator and that is characterized by large amounts of rain and little variation in temperature
canopy the layers of treetops that shade the forest floor
epiphyte a plant that uses another plant for support, but not for nourishment
coniferous tree a tree belonging to a group of tree species that bear their seeds in cones and tend to be evergreen
deciduous tree a tree that sheds and regrows its leaves in response to seasonal changes
temperate deciduous forest a region of forest that has pronounced seasons, moderate temperatures, and moderate precipitaion; characterized by trees that shed their leaves in the fall
taiga a region of evergreen, coniferous forest below the arctic and subarctic tundra regions
temperature grassland a region that has cold winters and rainfall that is intermediate between that of a forest and a desert; characterized by extensive grasses and a few trees
savanna a plain full of grasses and scattered trees an shrubs; found in tropical and subtropical habitats and mainly in regions with a dry climate, such as East Africa
chaparral a type of vegetation thatt includes broad leafed evergreen shrubs and that is located in areas with hot, dry summers and mild, wet winters
desert a region that has little or no vegetation, long periods without rain, and extreme temperatures; usually found in warm climates
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