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True/False Crim

True false questions

Adjudication Determining if defendent is guilty
Felonies Penalty of death or incarceration more than one year
Warrant court order authorizing arrest or search
Plea Bargain guilty plea for reduction of charge
Mala IN SE Wrong by very nature
Cyber Crimes offenses with one or more computer
NCVS number and types of criminal victimization
Victimology Criminology examines role victim plays
Control Theories Theories criminal behavior occurs when bonds that tie individual to society are broken
Bill Of Rights 10 Ammendments added to the constitution
Entrapment Induced by police to commit criminal act
Grand Jury Citizens of community to hear evidence presented by prosecutor to decide whether or not file charges
Mens REA guilty mind or blame worthy for legal responsibility for criminal offense, criminal intent, as dist. from innocent intent
Gideon vs Wainwright right to counsel
Frankpledge group keeping order,brining violators of law to court
Law Enforcment Police function controlling crime
Order Maintainence preventing behavior disturbing or threatening public peace. Police exercise discretion when law has been broken
Service Providing assistance to public
Socialization rules symbols values of a group are LEARNED
Sub Culture Symbols, vales, beliefs SHARED
Working Personailty Emotional and behavioral charasteristics developed of members of occupational group
Clearance Rate Percentage of crimes known to police department they believe solved thru arrest. Statistics used to measure productivity
Directed Patrol Directs resources to high crime areas
Line Functions Basic fuctions patrol, investigation, traffic, vice, juvenile so on
Reactive Police activity in response to notification crime has been commited
USA Patriot Act Fed Statue passed after 9/11 government authorize to conduct searches wire taps
Sworn Officers Police taken oath and given powers by state to make arrests
Proactive Acting in anticipation
Affidavit Written statement supported by oath, probable cause for obtaining a warrant
Exclusionary Rule Illegaly obtained evidence must be excluded from trial
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