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Respiratory Meds

Respiratory Medications

What is best med for Bacterial Pneumonia and Haemophilus influenza? 3rd Generation Cephalosporin
1st Line meds for TB INH, Rifampin, Ethambutol, pyrazinamide
2nd Line meds for TB Capreomycin, ethionamide, cycloserine
How long should you take TB drug therapy? When is best time to take meds? 6-12 months on empty stomach or 1h b4 meals
Isoniazid(INH) side effects? What is administered with INH to prevent peripheral neuropathy? peripheral neuritis,hepatitis With INH: Vitamin B(pyridoxine)
Rifampin(Rifadin) SE? hepatotoxicity, vision changes, orange urine/sweat/tears, fever, N/V Increases metabolism of: beta blockers/anticoagulants/corticosteroids/oral contraceptives/theophylline/dig
Ethambutol(Myambutol) SE? may lead to blindness, skin rash, use with caution with renal disease and monitor visual acuity
Pyrazinamide SE? hyperuricemia(monitor uric acid), hepatotoxicity, skin rash, GI distress, arthralgias
IV antibiotics for lung abscess? Oral antibiotics taken when? Penicillin -G or Cleocin for 3-5 days oral: after IV for 4-8 weeks to prevent relapse
What irritating agent is aerosolized obliterate the pleural space to prevent fluid from accumulating in a pleural effusion Talc or bleomycin
In Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome(ARDS), if pt fights ventilator what meds should be given and in what order? 1. Sedative: Propofol(Diprivan), midazolam(Versed), lorazepam (Ativan), haloperidol 2. Paralytic agent:Pavulon, Norcuron, Tracrium, Zemuron
What nsg mgmt should be given with a paralytic? Reassure pt it is temporary, and given with sedative and pain meds, eye care, short duration
Flolan, Viagra, Tracleer, do what with Pulmonary Hypertension? Flolan: given IV relaxes vascular smooth muscle and requires special training), Viagra(pulmonary vasodilation), Tracleer(oral vasodilator and antihypertensive), Remodulin Ventavis(inhaled) Diuretics/anticoagulators
A pt has a PE, what will the nurse expect to give first? This is followed by what? First, IV Heparin with PTT goal of 2-2.5xnorm then oral Coumadin(INR 2-2.5)followed: Lovenox(bubble last to go in)- **Heparin does not break up existing clots, prevents forming**
Sarcoidosis Corticosteroids Methotrexate (if steroids not effective)
A pt is dx with pulmonary fungal infections, what drug will need an exclusive IV line? What are alternative drugs? Amphotericin B(4-12 wks)and give Benadryl 1h prior infusion Nizoral, Diflucan, Ancobon
Name three short term beta2 adrenergic agonists used for COPD? albuterol(Proventil, Ventolin): inhaler/nebulizer/oral/short fenoterol(Alupent): i/n/o/s terbutaline(Brethine): i/short
When are corticosteroids used with in a COPD pt? for long term, not emergency
Name a smoking cessation drug? What antidepressants help with smoking cessation? What anti-HTN helps as well? Varenicline(Chantix) antidep: Wellbutrin, Zyban, Aventyl anti-HTN: clonidine(Catapres)
For mild COPD what short acting bronchodilator might be prescribed? albuterol(Proventil, Ventolin) fenoterol(Alupent) terbutaline(Brethine)
For severe COPD, what might be prescribed? bronchodilator and inhaled corticosteroid or a combination drug like Symbicort or Advair diskus
What short acting anticholinergic agent is good for COPD? Ipratropium bromide(Atrovent): inhaler or nebulizer
What methylxanthines are used for COPD and asthma? Long term control and 2nd line: theophylline(Theo-Dur, Slo-Bid) or aminophylline
Name two combination B2 agonist and anticholinergic agent for COPD salbutamol/ipratropium(Combivent) fenoterol/ipratropium(Duovent)
Name the quick relief short acting B2 agonists and anticholinergics for asthma B2: albuterol(Proventil), levalbuterol (Xopenex), pirbuterol (Maxair), Alupent antichol: iprotropium(Atrovent), Spiriva
what is most effective long term medication used in Asthma Inhaled corticosteroids: beclomethasone, fluticasone (Flovent), triamcinolone (Azmacort),
What sytemic IV corticosteroids help in asthma for short term "burst"? What long/short SE to watch for? methylprednisolone(Medrol), prednisone SE: BS and BP abnormalities, peptic ulcer. long SE: growth suppression, Cushing's syndrome
These inhaled B2 agaonists are never used for acute asthma s/s or exacerbations, but good for preventing excercise-induced bronchospasms? salmeterol(Serevent), formoterol (Foradil)
What are main side effects of inhaled corticosteroids for short term use? cough, oral thrush, osteroporosis in high doses
What are main SE for short acting B2 agonists? Tachy, muscle tremors, HA, hyperglycemia, dysrhythmias (esp in elderly)
1. This long term Leukotriene Modifiers ________can only be given to pt >1yr? 2. _________ should not be given with Coumadin 1. montelukast(Singulair) 2. zafirlukast(Accolate)
What is common tx for Status Asthmaticus short B2 agonist +IV Systemic corticosteroid
What vitamins defends against free radicals with O2 toxicity? Vitamins E, C, betacarotene
COPD: short acting: B2 agonist/anticholinergic combo ipratropium bromide & albuterol sulfate (Combivent): inhale
What foods should be avoided with INH drugs? Food containing tyramine and histamine(tuna, aged cheese, red winde, soy sauce, yeast extracts) and may cause HA, flushing, hypotension, palpitations, lightheadedness, diaphoresis
What is meant by primary resistance to TB drugs? resistant to a first line agent with no previous tx
What is meant by secondary resistance to TB drugs? resistant to one or more agents for pt undergoing therapy
If a pt is multidrug resistant to TB agents, which ones typically are included and what is recommended TB tx? resistant to two agents: INH and rifampin, so begin TB tx with 4 or more meds
Indocin is classified as what type of drug? It is used for what lung condition? NSAID for pain with pleurisy as pt takes deep breaths and coughs. Also used in newborns to close ductus arteriosus. Do you remember what keeps it patent? Prostaglandin E
Why is morphine given to a pt with pulmonary edema? To reduce anxiety and pain and help the heart work less
How long should antibiotics be given with empyema? 4-6wks to sterilize pleural cavity
When giving blood products to a pt with ARDS, what should the nurse look for? fluid volume overload bc blood products have citrates which incr perfusion and causes body to take on more fluid.
What is main medical tx for Cor Pulmonale? 24h O2 to improve gas exchange and reduce pulmonary hypertension
Name three thrombolytic drugs urokinase, streptokinase, alteplase
Taxal is a toxic drug used to treat _______. Don't use if WBC is less than _______. _________ prevents Taxal from clearing body. lung cancer, 1,000, Valium
Which type of cancer responds best to chemotherapy? small cell ca
What is best tx for non-small cell ca? pulmonary resection
Which is best med for nausea with Ca pts, Zofran or Phenergan? Zofran, Phenergan best for pain
A pt with COPD is struggling to breathe what is a key medical management to give? bronchodilators
When do you give more than 6L of O2 to a COPD pt? Upon Dr. order and just til PaO2 is to at least 60mm Hg or sats are normal
How often is the flu vaccine given? How often is pneumovax given? flu: every year pneu: every 5 years
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