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Latin 1 Stage 4


argentariam banker's stall
Graecus Greek
probus honest
cur why
non adest is not here
tamen however
semper always
ego reddo i give back
ceram wax tablet
anulum ring
signum seal, sign
ego imprimo i press
tradit hands over
capit takes
currit runs
ad basilicam to the law court
iudex judge
quis who
pompeianus citizen of pompeii
quid tu agis what do you do
in urbe in the city
cotidie everyday
hodie today
debet owes
mendax liar
meus my, mine
testis witness
tuus your
tu accusas you accuse
tu rem non probas you do not prove the case
celat is hiding
ubi where
ego convinco i convict
discedit leaves
ebrius drunk
ita vero yes
Created by: Running Leahy