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Outsiders 2

Outsiders Chapter 4-5

Who approached Johnny and Ponyboy in the park? Bob and three other Socs
According to Bob, what was a Greaser? white trash with long hair
What happened after Ponyboy spit at one of the Socs? David twisted his arm behind his back and shoved his face into the foutain.
Why did Ponyboy and Johnny go to Dally after Johnny killed Bob? Dally would help them get money and get out of town.
What does Dally give Ponyboy and Johnny to take with them to Windrixville? a gun and $50
How do the boys find the church? Ponyboy asked a farmer where Mountain Jay was.
How long do you think the boys will be able to hide out at the church? At least a week. They need to wait for help.
Why did Johnny require Ponyboy to cut and bleach his hair? They needed a disguise to hide from the police.
Why didnt Johnny Bleach his hair too? He was too dark skinned to look okay blond.
Why is Ponyboy's hair so important to him? His hair is his pride. It is a Greaser's trademark.
Where did Dally drive Ponyboy and Johnny? Dairy Queen
List 4 things Johnny purchased at the store bread, peroxide, matches and a book (Gone With the Wind)
What beverage was Ponyboy craving? Pepsi
Who was the Greaser's spy? Cherry Valance
How old is Darry? 20 years old
Who is the 2nd youngest member of the greasers? Johnny
In which town is the abandoned church where Ponyboy and Johnny hide out located? Windrixville
In which sport does Ponyboy participate? track
What is the name of Sodapop's horse? Mickey Mouse
Why are Cherry and Marcia alone at the drive in? The girls walked away from their boyfriends when they realized their boyfriends had booze.
What does Ponyboy say is visible on both the East Side and the West Side? sunsets
What book do Johnny and Ponyboy read in the church? Gone With The Wind
Which character has movie-star good looks? Soda
What kind of car does Cherry drive? Corvette
Who bleaches Ponyboy's hair? Johnny
How did the Curtis brothers parents die? auto wreck
What is Ponyboy's real name? Ponyboy Michael Curtis
Where did Dally live right before moving to Ponyboy's town? New York
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