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delta the flat triangular-shaped plain formed when a river empties into the ocean
erosion the gradual wearing away and REMOVING of rock material by forces such as moving water, wind, and moving ice
sediments sand,soil,and rock carried by water, wind, or ice
river system a river and the waterways such as brooks, streams, and rivers that drain into it
weathering the physical and chemical processes by which rock is BROKEN down into smaller pieces
headland a nature made piece of land that usually extends out into the water and usually slows down the flow of water that passes it.
bay part of a sea or lake extending into the land
jetty a human made structure extended into a sea lake, or river to influence the current or tide or to protect a harbor
shoreline the line that forms where the water meets the land in a river, lake or ocean
sand dune a mound, hill, or ridge of sand formed by the wind
glacier a huge mass of very slow-moving ice that forms over land
moraine materials such as large rocks that is carried by glaciers
What human machine is a glacier often compared to? bulldozer
What part of a plant causes weathering of rocks? roots
What is the main force that makes glaciers move? gravity
What is the difference between weathering and erosion? Weathering is breaking apart rocks into sediment. Erosion is carrying away the sediment through wind, water, or ice.
What happens to the speed of water when a river reaches the mouth of the ocean? The river loses energy and slows down.
What most likely caused the grooves on Kelly's Island in Lake Erie? Glacier
Describe the term "frost heaves" and what causes them? Frost heaves is when the ground is frozen and thrust upward. It is caused by freezing and thawing of water in the ground.
What natural processes slowly wears away a stone sculpture? Rain and wind
Be able to restate a question and completely answer about what remains after a glacier has melted. Check pg A23 and A24 in your textbook
Be able to identify an advantage and disadvantage of growing crops in flood plains and deltas.