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Nursing Term- Week 7

Addictive Effect Combined effect of two drugs produces a result that equals the sum of the individual effect of each agent
Adverse Effect Secondary effect of a drug, undesirable-range from mild to fatal
Antagonist Action Reduced drug effect due to presence of a second drug
Boil A furuncle; acute circumscribed inflammation of the subcutaneous layers skin of a gland, or hair follicle
Chancre The primary lesion of syphilis, appearing at the site of entry of the infection, 2 to 3 weeks after exposure
Critical Thinking An intellectual process necessary in the development of valid, rational responses to questions and situations that have no ready answer
Cumulative Action Breakdown of one dose is not completed before another dose is given
Deduction Reasoning from the general to the particular
Dermatitis Inflammation of skin evidenced by itching, redness, and various skin lesions
Dermatologist A physician who specializes in treating diseases of the skin
Drug Allergy Immunologic reaction to a drug which a person has already been sensitized
Drug Dependence (physical) State of physiological adaptation to a drug that manifests itself by an intense physical disturbance when the drug is withdrawn
Drug Dependence (psychological) State of emotional reliance on a drug to mantain a sense of well-being
Emollient An agent that will soften and soothe the part when applied locally
Evaluation The phase of the nursing process when the nurse and client determine if the goals have been achieved
Hives Eruption of very itchy wheals, caused by an allergic substance or food
Idiosyncratic Action Unexpected effect produced by a drug in a given individual
Implementation The phase in the nursing process when nursing interventions, nursing actions and care are carried out with the client
Induction Reasoning from the particular to the general
Keloid Overgrowth of collagenous scar tissue at the site of a wound of the skin
Lesion Any visible, local abnormalities of the tissue of the body, as a wound, sore, rash or boil
Malignant Neoplasm A growth that infiltrates tissue, metastasizes and often recurs after attempts at surgical removal
Mole A pigmented skin blemish, a nervus
Outcome Criteria Specific behaviors related to the goal that are measurable, have a time limit, and be realistic
Overdose Administration of either accidental or intentional greater dose than is recommended for therapeutic effect
Poisoning Administration of toxic substance or large overdose
Problem A situation in which a patient is experiencing difficulty in meeting his needs
Regeneration The replacement of destroyed tissue cells by cellsthat are identical or similar in structure and function
Sebaceous Gland Oil secreting gland of the skin. The secretion is called sebum and some have hair folicle associated with them
Side Effect Secondary effect of a drug, the one that is unintended
Synergistic Action Combined effect of two drugs is greater than the sum of each drug acting independently
Toxic Action Deleterious effect of a drug, usually resulted from overdosing or accumulation of drug in the bloodstream
Vitiligo A cutaneous condition characterized by milk-white patches surrounded by areas of normal pigmentation
Wart A circumscribed cutaneous elevation resulting from hypertrophy of the papillae and epidermis. Its caused by a virus
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