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large region characterized by a specific type of climate and certain types of plants and animal communities biome
why are plants an important consideration in the defining of a biome. the plants living in an area determine the other organisms that can live there.
how are plants adapted to survive in different types of biomes plants in a particular biome have characteristics, specializezed structures or adaptations that allow the plants to survive in that biome.
name some plant adaptations that allow them to live in different biomes adaptations include size, shapte, and color
what is the main factor that determines which plants can grow in a certain area? the main factor is climate meaning weather conditions such as temperature, precipitation, humidity and winds.
what are the two most important factors that determine a region's climate? temperature and precipitation
the higher the temperature and precipitation are, the ____________ and _____________ vegetation is. taller and denser
the distance north or south of the equator measured in degrees latitude
the height of an object above sea level altitude
of all the biomes in the world, _____________ biomes are the most widespread and the most diverse. forest
this biome helps regulate world climate and play vital roles in the nitrogen, oxygen, and carbon cycle. tropical rain forests
the biome that is characterized by having a multitude of plants and animal species tropical rain forest
why is the land cleared by cutting of the tropical rain forest poor agriculture land? most tropical soils lack nutrients and cannot support crops for more than a few years
what are buttresses or braces above-ground roots of tropical rain forest trees that grow sideways and provide extra support to the tree
the top layer of the tropical rain forest consisting of the tallest trees emergent layer
the layer of vegetation in the tropical rain forest consisting of tall trees that absorbs up to 95 % of sunlight. canopy
most of the animals that live in the tropical rainforest lives in the _________ canopy
layer of vegetation in the tropical rain forest that consists of trees and shrubs adapted to live in shade understory
what are the major threats to the tropical rain forest? habitat destruction due to the logging of the forest and cutting of trees to make farmlands. Also, animals are threatened by exotic-pet trading
the only temperate rain forest in North America is located in the ___________ Pacific Northwest
this biome is characterized by having broad leaf trees, producing brilliant colors in the fall. temperate deciduous forest
the northern coniferous forest that stretches in a broad band across the norther Hemisphere just below the Arctic Cicile taiga
this biome has cold winter temperatures, a small amount of annual precipitation and coniferous trees taiga
this biome is located in tropical and subtropical areas near the equator and between tropical rain forest and desert biomes. characterized by grasslands savannas
_________- are located on the interiors of continents where too little rain falls for trees to grow temperate grasslands
type of temperate woodland biome that is dominated by more broad-leafed evergreen shrubs. chaparral
biome that receive less than 25 cm of precipitation a year and have little or no vegetation deserts
plants such as cactuses, have thick, fleshy stems and leaves that store water. these plants are called ___________ succulents
biome dominated by grasses, lichens, and herbs and located primarily north of the Arctic Circle tundra
what is the name of the layer of frozen ground found in the tundra permafrost