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Shutting out the sky

reading test

what is another word for advised suggested
high priced pleasure luxury
if you moved along quickly you have done this hustled
why did marcus carry an address book in his pocket to find people who could help him
one way Marcus was like the other immigrants they both started off with nothing
what was the reason Marcus was ashmed of being a peddler because he expected to have a more important job
who cleans the kitchen floor every time the boarders leave the apt. in the mornign Mrs. Segal
those who move from other contries to live here are called immigrants
a person who sells small goods to others is a PEDDLER
what is the main reason Marcus had never seen a banana in his likfe because they were not imported into Roaminia
the most likely reason that marcus traveled to New York alone was probably because his parents couldn't afford to send anyone else
i wished i had taken my mothers advise to bring a heavy coat Marcus
who took Marcus under his wing and showed him how to move through a crowd to peddle his goods the man selling the tablecloths
who chased marcus to aother area where he was tring to sell candy. the policean
why did marcus 's momma give him advice
after marcus sold out all of his candy,what did he do he went to eat at a romainian restaurant
9 years after marcus came to america what did he to he graduated from college, the university of Missouri
later in life what ws Marcus's profession a journalist/writer
what does it mean to take someone under your wing to help someone by sharing your own experiences
Most new immigrants had to struggle to get by. what is this statement an example of a generalization
to be on your way means on your way to being successful
to elbow your way through means to push through a crowd
what did peopl in New york call a new immigrant a greenhorn
Created by: jthibodeaux