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Health Care&History

During the Civil War nurses' training was essentially a(n) what? apprenticeship-Learning by doing/hands on
What are interventions? actions to improve, maintain, or restore health or prevent illness.
What are invasive procedures? procedures that require entry into the body
What does aseptically mean? without introducing infectious materials
What is a nursing theory? a statement about relationships among facts based on existing information
What is evidence based nursing? nursing practice based on validated research
What is the nursing process? Its an organized, deliberate, systematic way to deliver nursing care.
What does implement mean? to put into action
What are the practice acts designed to do? Protect the public, and define the legal scope of practice.
What is the Diagnosis Related groups made to do? (DRG) a hospital recieves a set amount of money for a patient who is hospitalized with a certain diagnosis.
What do the integrated delivery network providers do? they organize to deliver coordinated care, promote wellness, care for illness, and promote rehabilitation
what is a capitated cost? they are paid a set fee for every patient enrolled in the network each year
What is the health maintenance organizations? a group practice who enrolls patients for a set fee per month
What do preferred provider organizations offer? discounts on fees in return for a large pool of potential patients.
Created by: sanfilippom10