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science unit D

dawson chapter 1 science

Most of the earth's surface is covered by? water
surrounding the earth is a blanket of air called the what? atmosphere
the gases of the earth's atmosphere make earth the only planet known to be able to support life
animals need to breath this gas from the air oxygen
plants use this to make food carbon dioxide
any material found on or in earth that is used by people natural resource
what are the earth's basic natural resources (3) air, water, and land
a solid found in nature that has a definite chemical makeup mineral
esamples of minerals are salt, chalk, metal ores, and gems such as diamonds
a valuable mineral from earth is gold
natural resources called fossil fuels are oil, natural gas, and coal
fossil fuels are substances that formed when plants and animals living millions of years ago decayed
renewable resources CAN be replaced within a person's lifetime water, tree, air
nonrenewable CAN NOT be replaced within a person's lifetime coal, oil, soil, and natural gases-gasoline
inexhaustible resources DOES NOT DECREASE or become used up as people use it example is wind, can drive windmills to produce electricity
any unwanted or harmful material found in the environment pollution (litter and dirty water)
unwanted or harmful material found in the air air pollution..wind can pick up and carry dust and pollen
Created by: haley.conley