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OGT vocab

Alloy A solid solution of different metals, sometimes including nonmetals.
Base A substance with a pH of more than 7
Carbon Cycle The cyclic movement of carbon between living and nonliving things in the environment.
Chromosome The tightly coiled structure of DNA which carries the genes for an organism.
Conclusion The analysis of data and observations to determine if the hypothesis and prediction were supported or not.
Cytolysis The bursting of a cell.
Disruptive Selection Organisms having one or more extreme forms of a trait have a survival advantage.
Electron transport chain The molecules which use energy from electrons to pump protons across a plasma membrane.
exocytosis The process of expelling of wastes from a cell.
Fossil correlation The use of traces of ancient life to determine the sequence of rock layers in one area compared with those of another area
Global Warming The increase in the average temperature of a planet.
Hurricane A large rotating storm which forms over tropical seas, but loses energy over land.
Intron Intervening sequences of genes which do not code for proteins.
Liquid A flowing substance
Metallic bond Attraction formed between metal atoms which share valance electrons.
Multicellular Organism which consists of many cells working together.
Nuclear fusion The splitting of the nucleus of an atom, releasing large amounts of energy.
Periodic Table A chart of elements based on atomic number and repeating patterns of properties.
Pollinator An organism which carries pollen from one flower to another.
Pure substance A homogeneous substance
Runoff Water which doesn't infiltrate into soil. Can cause erosion.
Surface current
Valence electron
Water cycle
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