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Tell tale heart

vocab for the tell tale heart

acute adj sharp or severe
hearken verb to listen
dissumulation noun the act of deception
cunningly adverb skillfully, deceptive
sagacity noun mental sharpners
suppositions noun assumtions
crevice noun a large crack
tatoo noun a strong beat or pulsation
muffled adj to deaden referring to a sound
vex verb to irritate/ annoy
waned verb to decrease in stregnth
suavity noun smoothness
audacity adj boldness and arrogance
fatigues verb to weary or tire
reposed verb to be at rest/calm
corpse noun a dead body
ere prepision before
enveloped verb to surrounded
vehemently adverb passionately, with strong emotion
trifles noun little things
gesticulations noun an excited hand gesture
derision noun mockery or ridicle
hypocritial adj to critize someone for doing something that you actually do yourself
dissemble verb to hide the truth
Created by: Shayla13