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how many bones are in the skeletal system? 206
what are the two divisions within the skeletal system and how many bones are in each? axial (80) appendicular (126)
bone surface markings: depressions fossa
bone surface markings: openings foramen
how many bones are in the skull? 22
what are the two divisions of bones in the skull and how many bones are in each? cranial (8) facial (14)
what are the 4 major bones of the skull? frontal, temporal, parietal and occipital
what is another term for the sphenoid bone and why? the "keystone" of the skull, because it in contact with all other cranial bones
describe the sella turcica saddle shape impression that contains the pituitary gland
function of vomer bone? helps form nasal cavity floor
largest and strongest facial bone? mandible
difference between suture joints and fontanel joints in the skull? sutures are zig zag shaped joints and fontanels are membrane filled space between cranial bones
another term for the hyoid bone and why is it called this? "csi bone" because it is injured in strangulation cases
(vertebral column) function of vertebral bodies: bears weight
(vertebral column) function of inter-vertebral discs absorbs shock
what are normal curves of the spine? c-shape and serial
what are abnormal curves of the spine? kyphosis, lordosis, scoliosis
name and describe the two parts of the intervertebral discs? 1. annulus: fibrosis outer portion 2. nucleus pulposus: toothpaste/gel-like
what are the three regions of the sternum? manubrum, body, xiphoid process
true ribs include: 1-7
false ribs include: 8-12
floating ribs include: 11 and 12
2 types of spinal stenosis? cervical and lumbar
what two diseases cause vertebral fractures? osteoporosis and osteoarthritis
what bones make up pectoral girdle? anterior clavicle and posterior scapula
where do most fractures in the clavicle occur? midregion
what are the 5 regions of the scapula? spine, border, notch, fossa and angle
longest and largest upper extremity? humerus
2 necks of the humerus? and which sustains fracture? anatomical and surgical (sustains fracture)
another term for forearm, what are the 2 regions included, and what is between these two regions antebrachial, radius (thumb side) and ulna (pinky side), interosseous membrane
what carpal bones are included in the distal row: 1. trapezium 2.trapezoid 3.capitate 4.hamate
what carpal bones are included in the proximal row: 1. lunate 2.scaphoid 3.pisiform 4.triquetrium
what are the heads called on the metacarpals? heads
anterior union in the pelvic girdle? pubic symphysis
posterior union in the pelvic girdle? SI (sacroiliac) joints
what are the bones in the coxa and where do they converge? ilium, pubis, ischium, all three converge at the acetabulum
what 7 bones are included in the lower extremities? which is the weight bearing bone and which is the largest? 1. femur (largest) 2.patella 3.fibula 4.tibia(weight bearing) 5.tarsals 6.metatarsals 7.phalanges
what are the 7 bones of the foot? talus, calcanlus, cuboid, navicular, and three cuneiforms
what are the functions of the arches in the foot? support and distribute weight, provide leverage
MLA (medial-latitudinal arch) function in flat foot? fallen MLA
MLA (medial-latitudinal arch) function in claw foot? elevated MLA
MLA (medial-latitudinal arch) function in club foot? elevated MLA with twisted foot
what is gennvargus bowleggedness
what is gennvalgus knock knees
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