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Desease Detectives

Vocabulary words for science olympiad event

Pandemic An epidemic occuring over a very wide area.(Usually effecting a large proportion of the population.)
Public Health Surveillace The systematic collection, analysis. interpretation, and dissemination of health data to gain knowledge of the pattern of disease occurence in order to control and prevent disease on the comommunity.
Fomite A physical object that serves to transmite and infectuous agent from person to person.
Control Group A selected group that has similar characteristics to the sick group but is not ill.
Risk Probability that an individual will be affected
Cluster An aggregation of cases over a particular period closely grouped in time and space regaurdless of whether the number is more than expected number.
Attack Rate The rate that a group ecperienced an outcome of illness= number of sick divided by total in that group.
Vector An animate intermediary in the indirect transmission of an agent that carries the agent from reservroir to a susceptible host.
Outbreak localized epidemic, more cases of a particular disease than expected in a given area or among a specialized group of people over a particular period of time.
Zoonosis an infectuous disease that is transmissable from animals to human
Epidemic large numbers of people over a wide geographic area affected.
Created by: savannahw