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maternity exam 2


Define Cervical dilation enlargement and widening
Define effacement cervix thins
define fetal station applies as to where the fetus lies - is high; +is ready to deliver
What are the stages of labor? How long do they last for a primipara & a multipara? Latent early labor 0-3. Active labor 4-8. Transition 8-10
What are the 5P;s of labor? Passenger - Passageway - Powers - Position of mom - Physiologic factors
what are the fetal lie? how baby is lying, horizontal (up and down) Transverse line (crossways)
What is presentation? what is coming into the pelvis first
What is attitude? arms out stretch - not normal flexion normal (curled in a ball)
Which fetal positions are better for effective labor? Anterior + LOA ROA easier labor Posterior - LOP ROP harder for labor
what are the mechanism of labor? engagement - descent - flexion - extension - internal rotation - external rotation - restitution - expulsion
what other factors affect the labor process? large head, pelvis size
how does the fetal head change to allow it to pass more easily through the pelvis fontanels allows the head to get smaller and molds to pass
what are the s/s of labor starting? contractions - back pain - bloody show - cervical ripening - broke water
define true labor contractions get stronger - walking increases dilation
define flase labor Braxton hicks contractions - irregular contractions - walking produces no change in dilation
what causes the cervix to open during labor? contractions pushing the baby down
what are the benefits of matrnal position change in labor? comfort - help baby to move down
what positions increase pelvic outlet? squatting - labor ball
which positions increase the use of gravity? anything upright
which positions decrease back labor? knees to chest - mother on hands and knees moving baby closer to the front
what are the maternal adaptations that occur in labor? cardiac output - increase T HR R BP and WBC N/V - Low BS
how does relaxation and patterned breathing effect a woman;s labor decrease anxiety - lowers fight/flight hormones
what are the side effects of hyperventilation and what is the treatment? Dizzy; light headed. Breathe into hands if paper bag not available.
which type of childbirth preparation methods are taught in hospital classes? breathing patterns - partner encouraged - anesthesia
how can gate theory be used to decrease pain perception in labor? distraction - massage - sensory nerves - close gate so no pain transmitted.
Created by: cdmcj7