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Language Arts P.1

first quater lit. terms

Imagery words and phrases that appeal to readers senses
Metaphor a comparison of two thing that have some quality in common (the room was a pig sty.
Mood the atmostshepre or feeling conveyed in a piece of literature
nonfiction writing that tells about real people, places, of events
personification the tree whispered in the wind
rhyme repetitiion of the end sounds of words
rhythm pattern of stressed or unstressed syllsbles that create a beat
setting the time and place in a story; where was it
simile the comparison of things, He was as tall as a mountain
symbol the bald eagle
theme a message about life or human actions that is conveyed in a piece of literature
tone the writers attitude toward their writing topic
anecdote a short story that is intresting or amusing
fact a piece of true information
idiom hit the lights
subjective an opion influenced by personal exoierence
opinion a personal point of view
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