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cataostrophic events


Eye The very center of a hurricane
Map A representation of the earth or a part of the earth
Hurricane A massive system of rotating winds that forms over warm tropical waters
Globe A representation of the earth on a sphere
Tornadoes A violent windstorm that spriles around a rotating column of air and moves in a narrow path over land
Typhoon A hurrcain that forms north of the equator in the western pacific ocean
Funnel Cloud A rapidly rotating cloud can become visible as a funnel at the base of the thundercloud
Cyclone When a hurrcain forms over the Indian ocean off the coast of Austrialia also a swirling center of low air pressure
Weather State of atmosphere at a partcular time and place
Important elements of weather Moisture,temp. wind speed, and atmospheric pressur
Climate Refers to weather pattrens
Energy from the Sun Solar energy
Process of absorbing energy Radiation
How much radiation reaches earth Half
Same rate of absorbing and reflecting No examples: soil rock and water
Atmosphere protects Harmful radation
Everyone Is Making Sweet Tea Exosphere Ionosphere Mesosphere Stratosphere Troposphere
Troposphere Weather and air we bearth and live in
Stratosphere Ozone layer and planes fly here
Mesosphere Middle of atmosphere , metor tails burn up
Ionosphere Northern light are made here and ions arehere
Exosphere Space satolights orbet here and exits earths atmosphere
Invisibly force Gravity
Greenhouse gases Water vapor and carbon dioxied
Gases Nitrogen78% oxygen 21% othergases1%
Maritime tropical Over ocean, warm, cold
Maritime polar Over oceans, cold, moist
Contiental tropical over land, warm, dry
Contiental polar over land, old, dry
Air masses a huge body of air that has similar temp. humidity, and air pressure at a given hight
Tropical air masses form in the tropics and have low pressure
Maritime air masses that form over oceans
Polar ari masses from 50 degrees north laitude and 50 degrees south laitude
Front an area where air masses meet and do not mix
Contiental air masses form over land and in the middle of continents
Occlude warm air masses that is cut off from th ground
Anticyclones high pressure center of dry air
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