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Japanese E-1 CH4 Voc

Japanese E-1 CH4 Vocabulary

アパート apartment
えき station
えんぴつ pencil
かばん luggage, bag
カフェ coffee shop, café (recent term)
きっさてん coffee shop (traditional term)
きょうかしょ textbook
ぎんごう bank
けしゴム eraser
こうえん park
こうばん police box
このへん this area
コンビニ convenience store
じしょ dictionary
スーパー supermarket
たてもの building, structure
テスト test
デパート department store
ノート notebook
ビル building
ぴょういん hospital
ペン pen
ホールペン ballpoint pen
ほんや bookstore
まち town
ゆうびんきょく post office
りょう dormitory
レストラン restaurant
います to be; to exist (used for animate beings)
ここ here, this place
これ this object, this
そこ there, that place
それ that object, that (close to the listener or slightly removed from both speaker and listener)
あそこ over there, that place (far away from both speaker and listener)
あれ that, that object over there
あおい blue
あかい red
あたらしい new
いい good
おおきい big
きいろい ,yellow
くろい black
しろい white
たかい tall, high
ちいさい small
ちゃいろい brown
ふるい old
きれい(な) clean, pretty, neat
ゆうめい(な) famous
りっぱん(な) fine, splendid, nice
だれ who
どれ which one
どんな what kind of
あまり very (always used with a negative form)
とても very (always used with an affirmative form)
どうも very
~や store (for example, ほんや bookstore)
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