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CFN 403

Biophysical Basis of health

What is a cell The cell is the basic unit for life
Most important parts of the cell Membrane, necleus, mitochondria, ribsomes and lysosomes
Membrane? The soft, flexible, self sealing outer boundry of the cell
Nucleus? The control centre for the cell
Mitochondria? The power producers for the cell. (convert energy into forms that are usable for the cell)
Ribsomes? Makes protein for the cell
lysosomes? Recycle the cells organic material and intercellular digestion of macromolecules
Macromolecules? Are Carbohydrates, lipids, proteins and nucleic acids
Carbohydrates? Sugars (gulcose)
Lipids? Fats, phospolipids and steriods. Lipids help to store energy cushion and protect organs. Insulate the body and form cell membranes
Proteins? Are made from amimo acid. Their function include molecular transport and muscle movement.
Nucleic acids? Includes DNA and RNA
Protein synthesis? Nucleic acids contain instruction for protein synthesis
What does the cell membrane control? Controls what enters and leaves the cell.
What else do the cell membrane do? Contact inhibitions so that the cells stops replicating. Adhesion molecules so that the cell can attach to other cells and form tissues. Recognition molecules for white blood cells.
What is Cilla? Densely concentrated hair like processes that beat rhythmically to move things past the cell.
Where is Cilla found? Cilla extend out from the cell membrance found in the Trecha, Fallopean tubes, Ovum Overies and Uterus.
What do Lysosomes do? Contain enzymes that digest and destroy surplus, temporary damaged or defective chemicals, organelles, cells and tissue.
What is Centrioles? Plays a role in cell division
What is Mitosis and Meiosis? Cell Division.
What is the main component of a cell membrane? Phospholipid bilayer.
What is the Phospholipid bilayer? A semipermeable lipid bilayer found is all cells.
What is Endocytosis? The process where cells injest material.
CHromosomes contain? DNA
Healthy Humans have how meny pairs of Chromosomes? 23 (22 Autosomes and 1 pair of sex chromosomes)
A flagellum is? A long hair like structure used for swimming.
Where is Falagellum found? Sperm.
Microvilli are? Tiny finger like folded extensions of the Cell membrane.
What is the purpose of microvilli? To increase the surface area of an area of the membrane for either absorbption of secretion.
Where are microvilli found the the body? Intestines, trachea, bronchi and bronchioles.
(ER) Endoplasmic reticulum? Manufactures proteins and steriods that are secreted from the cell.
Golgi bodies? Receive products manufactured by the ER and package them in bits of cellular membrane for secrection through the cell membrane.
Mitochondra? Extract the energy in food and convert it into cell energy.
Cell energy is? ATP Adenosine tri-phosphate this is the only form of energy that cells can use directly
Cellular respiration occurs in the? Mitochondria and the cell energy is ATP
What are 3 things inside the cell. Plasma intracellular interstitial
What is the main positive electrolyte in plasma? Sodium
Diffusion is? The chemical process when molecules from a materical move from an area of HIGH concentration to an area of LOW concentration
Osmosis is? The transfer of a liquid solvent through a semipermeable membrane that does not allow dissolved solids to pass.
The transfer of a solvent is called? Dialysis
Active Transport is? the movement of a substance across a cell membrane against its concentration gradient. From LOW to HIGH
What is Isotomic contraction? Tension remains unchanged and the muscle lenght changes.
Isotomic? Is having equal tone or tension.
Hypertonic? Is having a greate degree of tone or tension.
Hypotonic? Is having a lesser degree of tone or tension.
What is the most visable organ? SKIN
The 3 main layers of the skin are? Epidermis Dermis Subcutaneous
Epidermis? Top layer, the cornfeild layer, the water prof layer. The epidermis layer contains 5 layers.
Dermis? Middle layer, made up of Collagen, elastis fibres and reticular fibers. Contains Mechanorecptors that provide the sense of touch and heat.
Subcutaneous tissue? Bottom layer of the skin. Is a layer of fat and connective tissue that house large blood vessels and nerves. Regulates tempreture of the skin and the body.
Hair and Nails are made from what? Keratin
Homostasis means? Remaining stable or the same.
What does homostasis do in the human body? Stablise internal conditions. Body tempreture regulation. Keeps the inside regulated even if the outside conditions changes. PH levels Blood Sugar levels CO2 levels
The 3 essential components of homeostatic control mechanisms are? Control Centre Receptor and Effector.
Receptor? Senses changes and sends the information to the Brain.
Control centre? Is the Brain, it analyzes the information and determins what to do and activates Effector.
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