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research theories

nursing research theories

Orem Self Care Deficit Nursing Theory self-care activities to maintain health and well-being Goal: help people meet their own self-care
Parse Theory of Human Becoming health and meaning are co-created by humans and environment Goal: clients share views
Rogers Science of unitary of Human Beings individual=whole, constant interaction with environment Goal: achieve max well-being
Roy Adaptation Model humans cope with change through adaptation conceptual model of what nursing is
Watson Theory of Change caring, involves mind-body-soul engagement
Neuman Health Care System each person is complete system Goal: maintaining system stability
Newman Health as expanding consciousness Health is viewed as expansion of consciousness with health and disease health is evolving pattern of time, space, movement
Health Promotion Model focus is on explaining HP behaviors(maintain or enhance well-being)
Mishel Uncertainity in Illness Theory Focus on uncertainity-unability to determine illness related events mid-range
Bandura Social Cognitive Theory explain human behavior using self-efficacy
Prochaskca Transtheortetical Model Change peoples behavior "stage of change"
Becker Health Belief Model (HBM) explain peoples behavior Health related behavior is influenced by perception of threat
Theory of Planned Change peoples behavior and psychological determinants
Lazarus and Folkmans Theory of Stress and coping explanation of peoples methods of dealing with stress
Allen McGill model of nursing nursing is science of health promoting interactions Goal: promote pt and family strengths and achievement of life goals
Leininger Theory of Culture Care diversity and university caring is universal
Levine Conservation Model conservation of integrity by nurses contribute to wholeness of client
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