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Geography Exam 2

What are some of the shared characteristics discussed in Sub-Saharan Africa?
What do you think of the size of population in relation to the available food resources in the region?
What are the richest natural resources in Sub-Saharan Africa?
How do you explain that there is a lack of backbone mountain system in this region?
What are the rift valleys and escarpements?
What are the prominent rivers, lakes, and waterfalls in the region?
What 2 prevailing types of climates (climate regions) characterize the region the most?
How do you characterize the agricultural potentials in the region?
What is an endemic disease? Give examples.
What is an epidemic disease? Give examples.
What is a pandemic disease? Give examples.
What is land tenure system?
What is land alienation?
What are the four common practices of subsistence agriculture engaged in the region? Explain each.
How is plantation farming (not olden day plantations in the U.S.) different than subsistence farming?
How does AIDS affect the region?
What impacts do you think the health challenge will have on Africans (labor force, life expectancy, etc.)?
What is the Green Revolution and what are the basic characteristics of it? Do Africans benefit from it much?
Was slave trade an invention of the Europeans? How do you characterize transatlantic slave trade?
What does triangular slave trade mean? Who reaped all the profit?
When was the Berlin Conference held and what was the primary objective of it?
What are the major impacts of the Berlin Conference on Africans?
What are the main characteristics of African tribal culture?
How do you describe African culture in languages and religions?
What are the main characteristics of shanty towns and why do they appear?
What are the characteristics of periodic markets and what part do they serve?
Define supranationalism and give an example from that region.
Explain how Sahel serves as a transitional zone in climates, economic activities, population, and religions.
West Africa: What memorial island is known as the point of no-return for Africans in reference to the slave trade era? How do you characterize the climates? What are the two most important agricultural products here?
Nigeria: What are the 2 most significant
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