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Shelmerdine 19

Shelmerdine Latin Chapter 19 no macrons

aestus, aestūs, m. heat; tide
auris, auris, f. ear
auxilium, auxiliī,n. aid, help; in pl. often military troops
Caesar, Caesaris, m. Caesar
equus, equī, m. horse
Graecia, Graeciae, Greece Greece
memoria, memoriae, f. memory; recollection
nāvis, nāvis, f. ship
nūbēs, nūbis, f. cloud
Rōma, Rōmae, f. Rome
soror, sorōris, f. sister
Trōia, Trōiae, f. Troy
careō, carēre, caruī, (+abl.) to be without, free from; need, miss
efficiō, efficere, effēcī, effectus to bring about, produce
frangō, frangere, frēgī, frāctus to break, wreck
vertō, vertere, vertī, versus to turn; turn around, destroy
Graecus, Graeca, Graecum Greek
levis, leve light, easy
propinquus, propinqua, propinquum near (to), neighboring, related (to)
Trōianus, Trōiana, Trōianum Trojan
quī, quae, quod who, which, what
Created by: thomas.macri