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Shelmerdine 12

Shelmerdine Latin Chapter 12 no macrons

aetās, aetātis, f. age, life
annus, annī, m. year
dolor, doloris, m. pain, sorrow
Gallia, Galliae, f. Gaul
gēns, gentis, f. clan, tribe, family; nation, people
hōra, hōrae, f. hour, season
pēs, pedis, m. foot
tempus, temporis, n. time, opportunity
discēdō, discēdere, discessī to depart, go away; separate
gerō, gerere, gessī, gestus to bear, carry one; wear
bellum gerō to wage war
ācer, ācris, ācre sharp, fierce; eager
brevis, breve brief, short
celer, celeris, celere swift, quick, rapid
difficilis, difficile difficult
dulcis, dulce sweet; pleasant
facilis, facile easy
fēlix, fēlicis fortunate, lucky
fortis, forte brave; strong
ingēns, ingentis huge; mighty
omnis, omne all, every
potēns, potentis powerful; able
sīc thus,so
ter three times, thrice
Created by: thomas.macri