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GC chapter 5

The Integumentary System

contain keratin, most abundant cells in epidermis Keratinocytes
Forms dense cytoplasmic granules,to promote dehydration and aggregation and cross linking keratin fibers Keratohyalin
serves to protect from abrasion, repels water Keratin
Between Stratum Spinosum and Stratum Granulosum Epidermal Water Barrier
lines on palms, digits, elbows,from flexion Flexion lines
Immune cells in Stratum Spinosum Langerhans (dendritic) cells
Respond to light touch, in hairless skin Merkel cells
located in the stratum basale, contain melanin Melanocytes
Light touch receptors in dermal papillae Meissner's corpusle
deep touch and vibration receptors in reticular layer Pacinian corpusle
Transport vesicle for melanin, transfered to keratinocytes Melanosome
Dermal layer that contains areolar tissue Papillary Layer
Dermal layer that contains dense irregular connective tissue, collagen and elastic fibers, connective tissue proper Reticular layer
Most common type of skin cancer, originates in the stratum basale Basal Cell Carcinoma
Cancer cells that grow rapidly and metastasize throught the lymphatic system 5 year survival rate is 99%, if extensive metastasis occurs survival rate drops to 14% Melanoma
Parallell bundles of collagen and elastic fibers oriented to resist forces applied to the skin during normal movement Cleavage Lines
contusion to the integument Bruise
Mitotic portion of hair Hair matrix
a hair at an inactive follicle at the end of its growth cycle Club hair
glands that produce milk Mammary gland
Glands that produce ear wax Ceruminous Glands
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