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Other points

clopidogrel w or wo food
warfarin don't change diet once on drug (consistent Vit K amounts), same time every day, w or wo food
isosorbide mononitrate dont crush/chew, half glass water, IR-7 hrs apart
digoxin maintain K levels, empty stomach, bran & pectin decrease absorption
tamsulosin 30 mn after meal, orthostatic hypotension
sildenafil 30 mn-4 hrs prior to sexual activity, no grapefruit juice or high fat meals
tadalafil w or wo food, no grapefruit juice, 30 mn prior to sexual activity
finasteride wo regard to meals, women and children shouldnt touch w bare hands
doxazosin w breakfast, orthostatic hypotension
donepezil bedtime dosing, wo regard to food
memantine w or wo food
ropinirole w or wo food, food may decrease N
Created by: steponmegrace