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Latin Vocabulary C

Basic latin names

Bubo owl
taurus bull
aries ram
piscis fish
cochlea snail
vulpes fox
bos ox/cow
mus mouse
ovis sheep
serpens snake
castor beaver
acrimonia bitterness
auxilium help
parsimonia extreme frugality/stinginess/"scrooge"
vita life
fallacia falsehood/deceit/"lie"
beneficentia kindness
tacitus silent
loquax talkative
pectus chest
pes foot
vox voice
caput head
cor heart
corpus live body
cadaver dead body
os bone
oris mouth
collum neck
bracchium arm
manus hand
auris ear
nasus nose
oculus eye
dentis tooth
digitus finger/toe
genu knee
capillus hair
Created by: ashray1103