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Exam #4 HRS 708

HRS 708 part VI Forgery and Related offenses

Penatly for Forgery 1 Class B felony
With intent to defraud, Part of an issue of stamps, securities, or other valuable instruments issued by government or governmental agencies Forgery in the First degree
With intent to defraud, part of an issue of stock, bonds, or other instruments representing interest in or claims against coorporate or other organizations or it's property Forgery in the First degree
With intent to defraud, a deed, will, codicil, contract, assignment, commercial instrument, etc. Forgery in the Second degree
Penalty for Forgery 2 Class C felony
With intent to defraud, the person falsely makes, completes, endorses, or alters a writing instrument, or utters a forged instrument. Forgery in the Third degree
Penalty for Fogery 3 Misdemeanor
Makes or possesses with knowledge of its character any plate, die, or other device, apparatus, equipment, or article, specifically designed or adapted of use of forging written instruments Criminal possession of a forgery device
Makes or possesses any device, apparatus, equipment, or article capable or adaptable to use in forging a written instrument with intent to use or aid another for purpose of forgery Criminal possession of a forgery device
Penalty for Criminal Possession of a Forgery Device Class C felony
With intent to defraud, make, alter, or utter any object so that it appears to have antiquity, rarity, source, or authorship Criminal Simulation
Penalty for Criminal Simulation Misdemeanor
With in intent to defraud, causes another, by deception, to sign or execute a written instrument and utters the written instrument Obtaining a signature by deception
Penalty for Obtainning a Signature by Deception Misdemeanor
Intentionally issues or negotiates a negotiable instrument knowing that it will not be honored by the make or drawee Negotiating a negotiable worthless instrument
Penalty for Negotitating a Negotiable Worthless Instrument Misdemeanor
Created by: Jdbaba