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Midterm cooper

European Countries

The industrial Revolution was born in the UK in which three cities? Which city was the most important? Manchester, Leeds & Birmingham. Manchester was the most important.
In an attempt to separate the Roman Catholic Church from the Italian State, what tiny country was created? Vatican City
What was the nick name for Ireland's economy when it was doing really well in the 1900's? The Celtic Tiger
Which country has been working to reclaim land from the North Sea through the use of dikes? The Netherlands
Which country was famous for starting the Age of Discovery? Portugal
What is the name of the car that Hitler asked Ferdinand Porsche to build for the German people? The beetle
Which two Monarchs (kings and queens) were responsible for expelling the Moors from Spain in 1942? Ferdinand of Castile and Isabella of Aragon
France has a Mediterranean Climate, which means it grows which 3 crops? Also in a Mediterranean Climate which season is wet and which season is dry? Barley, rye, and oats. The summers are dry and the winters are wet.
Belgium is home to two nations the Flemish and the Walloons. Define: a. Nation: b. State: c. Nation-State: a. A group of people with shared culture in history who identify themselves as part of that group. b. Term is analogous to country c. The ideal for the political stability (ex. Japan)(May not stay together due to multinational tension.
Which 3 industries does Switzerland specialize in? Production of time pieces, chocolate, and banking.
The Warsaw Pact was a military Alliance formed between the Soviet Union and its satellite countries that was meant to oppose (be the oppose of) which Treaty Organization/military alliance? NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization)
Czechoslovakia became which two countries? The Czech Republic and Slovakia
What was the process of the Czechoslovakian separation called? The Velvet Divorce
Which Eastern European Country speaks a Finno-Urgic family language called Magyar? Hungary
What was the name of the worst commercial nuclear disaster that happened in the Ukraine? Chernobyl
What happened to Romania's former Dictator Nicolae Ceaucesu and his wife? They were killed on Christmas Day on national television and then thrown in the street.
Which country in Eastern Europe still really likes Russia? Why? Bulgaria because Russia liberated them from the Ottoman Empire.
What former Soviet Republic was thinking about rejoining Russia? Belarus
What did Russia do when Belarus decided it wanted to remain independent and become less dependent on Russia? They cut off its oil and natural gas supplies in the middle of winter?
What ancient civilization invented both democracy and geography? Ancient Greek Civilization
What country is one of the poorest in Europe because of decades of political isolation? Albania
In what order did the former Yugoslav Republics succeed? Slovenia(10 day war), Croatia (little violence/property damage), Macedonia (got out early with no fight), Bosnia (1/2 mil people died & NATO got involved which led to their independence), Montenegro (2006), Serbia, and Kosovo (2008, 100,000 people died)
Pyrenees The Basques live in the western portion of the Pyrenees (Northern Spain.
Basques Speak a language called Euskara. The Basques have wanted to separate from Spain. They have wanted to create their own country(Euskadi).
Which landform is compared to the Colorado Rocky's in terms of elevation? Alps (They have steep ragid peaks, look young, & 99% mountainous terrain).
Which countries are considered Alpine countries? France and Italy
What needs as much water flowing as possible, and elevation gradient? Hydroelectricity
Why is hydroelectricity used? 1)Cheap, 2)relatively clean, 3)Renewal
Which landform is not quite as rigid/tall as the Alps (most notable for being a high risk area of earthquakes & people can be very vulnerable from risk)? Apennines
What measures the size of earthquakes & uses logarithmic scale? Richter Scale
Who ruled the Carpathians & Transylvanian Alps in the mid 1400's and is still thought of as a folk hero? Vlad Tepes (Vlad the Impaler)
Who tried to invade Vlad's area in the 1400's but ended up losing 45,000 people who became impaled? The Ottoman Empire
What landform is referred to as the Scands and have been heavily impacted by glaciers? Kjolen Mountains
Areas impacted have high elevations and areas of high latitudes. Reduces amount of solar radiation therefore maintains glaciers. glaciations
Divets in coastlines, and formed as a result of glaciation and seen mainly at the higher latitudes fjords
Russian word that means short grass. 2 conditions: dry conditions (semi-arid). Descent amount of rain but not a long enough growing season steppe
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