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Energy Definitions

Mrs. Suer's Inetegrated Science Energy Test Prep.

Potential Energy Energy stored due to an object's position or arrangement; energy of position
Kinetic Energy The energy of motion
Law of Conservation of Energy Energy cannot be created or destroyed
Mechanical Waves Waves that can travel only through matter, waves that transfer energy through matter
Electromagnetic Waves Waves that can travel through matter or empty space
Convection The movement of gases or liquids from a cooler spot to a warmer spot
Conduction Energy passed directly from one object to another
Radiation Sun's rays travel in straight lines called heat rays
Solar Energy Renewable energy; can be used to make electricity; can change the sunlight directly to electricity using solar cells
Geothermal Energy Renewable energy; "earth-heat;" when hot water comes up through a crack in the earth (hot spring)
Wind Energy Renewable energy; can be used to do work; the kinetic energy of the wind can be changed into either mechanical or electrical energy
Fossil Fuels Energy Nonrenewable energy; three major forms of fossil fuels: coal, oil and natural gas; formed millions of years ago
Natural Gas Energy Nonrenewable energy; lighter than air; mostly made up of a gas called methane; highly flammable
Biomass/Biofuels Energy Renewable energy; made of dead trees, tree branches, yard clippings, left-over crops, etc.
Hydropower Energy Renewable energy; through spinning of turbines; one of the largest producers of electricity in the U.S.
Nuclear Energy Nonrenewable energy; Fission - An atom's nucleus can be split apart; creates tremendous amounts of energy released
Force A push or pull that acts on an object
Force Pairs Act in opposite directions on different objects; are equal in size: do not cancel each other out
Work Force exerted on an object that causes it to move (over a distance)
Energy The ability to do work
Power The rate of doing work
Mass The amount of matter in an object
Waves A moving vibration; a disturbamce that travels from one place to another transporting energy, but not nessisarily matter, along with it.
Seismic Waves Vibrations/waves of energy that travel through Earth carrying the energy released during an earthquake
Wavelength Length of a single wave cycle
Frequency Number of Waves that pass a certain point in a given amount of time
Amplitude Measures the energy of a transverse wave
Period Amount of time it takes for 1 wave to pass a given point
The Electromagnetic Spectrum Contains all of the waves that move at the speed of light
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