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Stack #1047963

What theorist is the Vocational Nursing program based on? Abraham Maslow
What does the health-illnesse continuum range from? Totally met needs to wholly unmet needs
Basic human needs are classified as what? Physiological, safety and security, love and belonging, esteem and self-esteem, and self-actualization
What is the minimum passing score? 75
In order to achieve goals in such a short period of time the student: Must be present
If absent on clinical days, who must you call? Mrs. Brown, Your instructor, and the clinical facility
How many hours can you miss before being dismissed from the program? 60 Hours
How many demerits will get you dismissed from the program? 8
What happens if you show up to the clinical site in unacceptable attire? A demerit will be given, will sent home, and counted abesnt for the day
What will happen if caught smoking while in uniform? Be given a demerit
What happens if your phone goes off in class? Demerit
Will you be given a demerit for leaving the clinical site without permission? Yes
Attending clinicals smelling of alcohol will result in: A demerit the first time and dismissal the second time
What will happen if you administer medication without approval from instructor? 4 Demerits
If you fail to report a med error what happens? Dismissal from program
What will happen if you violate HIPPA? Immediate dismissal
Whose expense will it be if you have to submit a lab test for drugs and alcohol? The students
What is considered part of the uniform? scissors, blue/black/red pen, watch with second hand, manual blood pressure cuff, and stethescope
The Vocational Nursing Program is a___________ program. Certificate
Which people make up the health care team? Any professional who assists persons with potentially, partially, or wholly unmet needs.
What is the next step a student should take after performing a nursing intervention? Evaluate
What are the five actions that may result in administrative withdrawal? Failure to comply with the policies and procedures in clinicals and in the VC Handbook, Excessive Absenteeism, Failure to pay Registration, and 8 demerits.
What is it called if you leave the clinical area without notifying your instructor? Abandonement of Patient
Created by: rikkigalvin