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Reading Olympics

Yang the Youngest and His Terrible Ear 2012 -2013

Ch-1 What did Yang's violin sound like when he drew the bow across the strings? <: SCREECH!
What does Yang have to call His brother's and sisters instead of their real names? He has to call them Elder Brother, Second Sister and Third sister.They call him Fourth Brother.
What are Yang's parents? Both of them were musicians.The dad used to play the violin in the Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra. He now has a job with the Seattle Symphony Orchestra.The mother was a pianist;she used to accompany him.Ever since they moved here she couldn't find a job.
Where did the yangs come from? China.
What does the dad also do? He also raises money by giving private lessons at home.
What expression does Yang's dad always have on his face when Yang plays. He puts on a look of great suffering.
What's Yang's problem? He has a terrible ear. He can't hear what he is doing wrong.
What could Elder Brother do before he could talk. He could hum tones.
Who is the closest to him and how? Third Sister. Since when everyone else thinks Yang is out of tune, she knows he is trying his best.
What is Yang? "Tone Deaf"
What does Third Sister do and what does she call Yang? She lists five new words every day and memorizes them. She called Yang a mutant.
What does mutant mean? Mutant means you turn out really different from your parents.
What will the Yang's family hold to get more students? A recital. So if the students do good the parents will tell other parents and they will send their kids to the dad and he would get a lot of students.
What will happen at the end? Yang and his brother and sisters will perform as a string quartet.
What did Yang know about his parents? That they love him as much as every other child in the family no matter how bad he plays.
Ch 2: Why did the other students laugh at Yang in the beginning of the school year? Since when the teacher came in he jumped to his feet and stood stiffly at attention.
How did Yang remember not to stand up? Some kid used to watch him and whenever he was about to stand up he said "down Fido!"
Why was Second Sister feeling the loneliest? Since in China everyone said that she would be a real beauty but in america not many people said she was beautiful.
What made Yang feel lonelier? When Third Sister made more and more friends she spent less and less time with him.
Who did Yang meet and how did he make him feel less lonelier?<: Matthew. He told the recces aid that Jake stole Yang's pen he also told him that his name was Yingtao since in China your name is your last name.
What did the conductor of the orchestra tell Yang and how did he answer? He asked him to play the triangle instead of violin but Yang answered "no my parents expect me to play the violin."
Where was Yang placed in the Orchestra and who was Yang's stand partner? He was placed in the last row and Matthew was his stand partner.
what did Matthew say when Yang asked if he wanted to take lessons? He said yes but his folks could not afford it. Then Yang said that his father was cheap.
What did Third Sister say her name was to Matthew? Mary.
Who came to Yingtao's house? Matthew.
Why did The Yangs cut up tea bags? Since one day his mom bought a big box of tea leaves but they opened and found tea bags and they cut it for the leaves.
Instead of a drawer what does the Yangs use and why? They use crates, bricks and knobs for a drawer. They did this since they could not afford a drawer.
What did Yingtao think Matthew was going to do when he asked him to go to the bathroom? He thought that he was going to take a bath.
What was in the bathtub? A live fish.
Ch-3: Who was Yang's best friend? Matthew.
What did Yang love? The feeling of the ball smacking against his hand.
What did Matthew and his friends agree on? That Yingtao would be a great batter some day.
Why did Yingtao's dad love quartets? Since in quartets you cooperate with others and at the same time you speak out for yourself.Every voice is heard.
What job did Yingtao's mom give Matthew and Yingtao? To carry a fifty pound bag full of rice.
What did Matthew eat for the first time? The fish.
What did Matthew ask to do? Listen to the quartet.
Did Matthew stand Yingtao's playing? NO
Did Matthew have any mistakes at the beginning? Yes. But only in the first two measures.
Where was Yang invited to? To Matthew's house.
Ch-4:Why was Yingtao Surprised that Matthew's family has a car? Since in China only officials and executives only have cars.
What is different about China's apartment than the ones in U.S.A? That some apartments do not have kitchens.
What was Matthew's dad before he lost his job? He was a machinist.
What job does Matthew and Eric have? They have a paper route.They wake up every morning and ride on their bicycles throwing newspaper on their porches.
What did Yingtao have an interest in when he was in China? Gymnastics.
Did Eric think Yingtao a nerd? No.
What was Yingtao's idea? To trade places with Matthew.
Ch 5: How was Yingtao going to do this?<: Lip sync but actually it will be bow sync.
What does Matthew think of himself? A bad violinist.
How would Yingtao block the audience from seeing Matthew? His mother bought as screen so they can put it up behind them and paint Chinese pictures on it.
What was Second Sister doing while she was painting one day? Crying since she was the most homesick.
What did Yingtao do that made it the proudest moment of his life? when he became a regular player of the baseball team.
What was Yingtao's talent? He could see exactly where the ball was coming at him.
What did Mr.Conner call his son Matthew? That he popped the fly since he was not paying attention and anybody could see the ball was high except his musical genius son.
What did Mr.Yang tell Yingtao after he came back from the professional baseball game? That no more baseball until his violin improved.
What did the Yangs get for free? The broccoli leaves since they are delicious and full of vitamins.
What was Yingtao's idea to help Matthew? That Yingtao could do the paper route too.
What news surprised Yingtao? That Second Sister made friends.
Ch 6:What did The parents do that will definitely not let Matthew play? They thought about inviting Matthew's parents to come to the recital.
Did Yingtao see Matthew? NO.
How did Matthew sneak in? He sneaked in through the back door.
Was Eric with the Connors? No.
What did Elder Brother find out? That the music was coming from behind the screen.
What did Third Sister do? She purposely knocked down the screen.
Who were the only parents not cheering? Yingtao's parents.
Ch 7: What did Peter's dad call Second Sister and what did he want to do with her? He called her responsible and wanted her to be Peter's baby sitter.
Did Matthew's parents like Matthew's playing after he played in the recital? yes.
Because of Matthew's playing what did his parents do? Because of Matthew's playing what did his parents do?
How did Mr.Yang look after Matthew's dad told him Yingtao had a talent? He looked thoughtful.
Ch 8: How did the Yangs treat Yingtao after the recital? Very nice. They even told him he doesn't have to play the violin.
After hearing Matthew's playing what did the conductor of the orchestra do and where did Matthew get his violin? He moved Matthew to the front. He got his violin from Yingtao.
What did Mr.Connor finally persuade the Yangs to do? To come to one of Yingtao's games.
Who made Yingtao's team win? Yingtao.
What did Eric say Yingtao had? A great eye.
Created by: akbasu



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