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hydrocodone/APAP CIII, tolerance can develop, no additional APAP, with food
oxycodone/APAP CII, no alcohol, 4-6 hr, dose based on oxy component, with food
ibuprofen serious skin events including SJS, monitor vision long term, caution w asthma, with food
tramadol taper off, no alcohol, <75, w or wo food (same way each time)
APAP/codeine CIII, no additional APAP, q4h minimum
naproxen no alcohol, w food or milk
diclofenac no alcohol, w food or milk, 8oz water
meloxicam no alcohol, w or wo food, food/milk may minimize GI effects
celecoxib w food to increase absorption, may sprinkle on applesauce
oxycodone CII, avoid high fat meals, 8oz water, dont crush/chew
morphine sulfate CII, w or wo food (be consistent), duramorph by anest with respiratory support only
fentanyl CII, no grapefruit juice, no alcohol, remove old patch (flush), use conversion guidelines from morphine, patch q 72h
buprenorphine/naloxone CIII, taper off doses, no alcohol
sumatriptan may cause photosensitivity, watch for sx of heavy chest/difficult breathing
butalbital/APAP/caffeine full glass water, no alcohol, orthostatic hypotension may occur
methotrexate no alcohol, prolonged sun exposure, pregnancy risk, no salicylates
hydroxychloroquine w food or milk
zolpidem CIV, no alcohol, before bedtime, wo food
eszopiclone CIV, no alcohol, wo food, dont crush/chew, right before bed, get 7-8hr, may cause sleep driving/eating
trazodone no alcohol, food may decrease lightheadedness/hypotension, NOT APPROVED for children or tx of bipolar
Created by: steponmegrace