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Baby s ia a DJ

Olympic Reading 2012-2013

CH-1 What were the names of the Foster kids and how old were they? Shana-two and a half,Melissa-four,Jeremy-six
What was the main characters name and how old was she? Darcy - thirteen and a half
How old was Darcy when she started her baby sitting job? Eleven
What was the salary offered to her that made her agree at once? It was twice her normal hourly rate and a bonus on top of that.
Who was waiting for Darcy outside the foster home? Tim her brother in his beat up old Volkswagen.
What did Darcy see which was unusual when they were returning home the first day? A black car almost as beat up as tim's VW ,not the kind of car expected in that area.
CH-2 Who was waiting for Darcy at her home? Her friend Irene
What happened when Darcy and Irene were returning home after buying stuffs fron the store for supper? Darcy saw the same black car she had seen while returning from the foster home.
What was the License # they noted? 823 7 AV
Whom did they came across around the corner? A police car with a new officer in it and not Clancy - Tim's friend as Darcy thought.
Who was the Police Officer looking for? Diana Hazen who was thirteen year old.
Did they know Diana? Yes,as she was in the same grade but different homeroom.
What did they say to the officer about Diana? That she must have ran away as her dad's mean to her.She hates it at home.They hit her.And that they have seen finger marks on her arm.
What was the name of the new Officer? Chris Roberts.
Ch-3 Who opened the door for her the next day she went to foster's home? Mrs. Murphy the housekeeper.
Which were the room's Mrs. Murphy mentioned where the kid's preferably not to stay? The living room with an oatmeal colored sofa and Mr.Foster's study.
What was Jeremy's room like? With twin beds,a desk,two dressers,bookshelves,toyboxmade to look like a train with four cars,a whole wall of open shelves with trucks,trains,teddy bears,and everything that can be seen in Sear's christmas catalog.
What were the colors of Melissa's and Shana's room? Melissa-Blue and white,Shana-pink and white.
What was the playroom like? It was the size of half the ground floor of Darcy's House with frosted dark brown carpet,a rocking horse,set of electric trains. There was even a real row boat with cushions in it.
Where were the kids when she first saw them after mrs. Murphy left ? They were playing in the backyard.
What was the first scene she saw? Shana the little one was playing in a sandbox,spooning up sand into a bucket when jeremy came along and kicked the pail sending its content flying all over his sister.
What did Jeremy said to Darcy? ''We told you we dont want you for a sitter''.
What did Melissa said? That she wants her as a sitter and so does Shana,and shana nodded.
What does shicken mean as uttered by shana? Kicthen or Chicken.
What did Jeremy wanted instead of Tuna sandwiches? Bacon and Tomato.
What was the problem Darcy faced when they asked for food? She did not know how to use a microwave.
What did Shana asked for? jelly butter that PBJ sandwich.
What happened to the food in the microwave? The edges of the bacon were charred almost black,not only that , the grease from it ran in a great yellowish puddle down over the floor of the oven,onto the counter.The plastic platter had split and blistered and melted.
what happened when they were eating at the picnic table in the backyard? the door bell rang
Who was it? Gas company to check the gas lines
Did Darcy let the man in? No, as she was not sure she did not let him in.
Ch 4 Where did Shana go while they were reading books? she was in the master bedroom seated at the dressing table.
What was she doing there? She was putting lipstick and was trying to apply eye shadow with ludicrous results.
What did Darcy find as to how mrs. Murphy manage all three of them at once? Melissa told that Mrs.Murphy keep the doors to the master bedroom,fathers study and to the basement locked so that the kids can t go in and unlocks them before mrs.Foster gets home.
Where was Jeremy when Darcy finished cleaning up Shana? He was in his fathers study talking on the telephone to his uncle Rick who lives in Hawaii. he called him up seeing the directory.
What did Melissa do when Darcy was about to leave? She hung on to her hand ,walking her to the front door and said that she likes her for a sitter.
what did Darcy came to know as to how Jeremy manage to know all the numbers from the directory? Melissa told her that Jeremy marks them in daddy's book with a secret code sign by the name.
Whom did Darcy find at her home when she was back? Irene.
Where did they left for? To jog around the park to get some exercise.
What did they spotted while jogging? A tent or a play house.
What did they find in the tent? A paperback book,well worn and dog eared.
What did they remember seeing that book? That it might be the one missing from their homeroom bookshelf.
Ch5 Whose head popped through the opening at the end of the plastic tarp shelter? Diana Hazen's.
What was her reaction upon seeing them? She yelped and scrambled backward on her hand and knees.
How long was diana there when they found her? Two days.
What did Diana's dad used to say to police as to how she gets the bruises? That she gets them by being clumsy,running into things, falling down.
What was Diana's plan? She was waiting for her brother George to get out of boot camp in 3 weeks,so that he can pay her bus fair to San Diego where her aunt lives who will then take her in.
How much money did Diana have? 3 Dollars and six cents.
what was the last food Diana had? Some Crackers the night before.
How much Money did Irene have? Eighty two cents.
What went wrong when Diana's sister Ellen was babysitting the Foster kids? One day jeremy painted Shana bright blue and another day he built a bonfire and scorched the side of the house.``
Where did they plan to hide Diana? In the tree house on the other side of Darcy's house in the edge of the woods.
What did darcy took for Diana? 2 chicken legs and a thigh,salad,bread,butter,some cheese and lunch meat,one each of apple,orange and banana.
What did Irene bring for Diana? 3 chocolate bars,a cold pork chop,2 pbj sandwiches,2 cans of diet pop and a bag sunflower seeds.
what did Darcy put up in the tree house for Diana? A pillow,blanket and an air mattress.
What was diana's reaction? Her eyes filled with moisture and she said she has no words to thank them.
Was darcy comfortable about the whole thing? No, she was ready to help her but she thought this might not be the best way though .Not telling anybody like her parents about this was making her uncomfortable.
Ch 6 What was bothering Darcy? She has never concealed anything so serious from her mom.
What did the Fosters used to do for living? Mr. Foster is president of a big bank,and mrs.Foster is a psychiatrist.
What was darcy,s Father looking for while he was going on a camping trip with the boys? The air mattress
What did Darcy,s mom advices her as to how can she manage all 3 foster kids at once? She only said that if Darcy show them that she like them ,they will probably behave for her.
What happened the other day when Darcy was reading the book Gregory Gray to The kids? Jeremy disappeared and The burgler alarm went on.
Was Jeremy the one responsible for the alarm? No, he was as frightened as others were.
Who was the police officer that came after the alarm went on? Clancy who was Tim,s friend.
what did Jeremy say as to where he was when the alarm went off? In his room looking for his Star Wars book.
what did the young officer said about the possible cause of alarm? He said ,may be somebody tried to jimmy the lock on the side door into the garage.
what information did they get from the neighbors? that there was a black car maybe five,six year old.
Why did she call Tim? to tell about the black car,and that it could be the same car their neighbor saw.
Could she tell Tim? no, as he was not home but he left message with jimmy and told him to call her when he is back.
Ch 7 what did Darcy hear when she was applying bandaid to Melissa,s cut? She heard the garage door opening and was wondering that mrs.Murphy was back already
what did Darcy heard when she was looking for the kids and the house was too quite? She heard Shana,s cry and saying that she hafta go potty.
What happened when she was looking for Shana? She reached Melissa,s room where it was almost dark,and was about to reach out to Shana when a hand closed over her mouth from behind.
In an instant who did she think it was? Jeremy
How she realized that she was wrong? The hands were too large and strong,and there was an order of tobacco.
how many people were there in the kidnapping group? 3
what blunder did Darcy do upon seeing the kidnappers? She blurted out thoughtlessly that she know them as Diana,s brother.
Finally what did the kidnappers decided to do with Darcy? they decided to take her along as she could look after the kids saving them from that trouble.
What was there plan with Darcy? To leave her tied up or something so she can't notify the police until they have enough time to get out of the state.
Who were the 3 kidnappers? Henry Diana,s older brother,Dan younger brother and their dad .
What did Darcy saw when Mr. Hazen opened the garage door? mrs. Murphy,s brown sedan with Jeremy and Melissa in it with wide strip of tape over their mouth .
Ch8 What did the kidnapper possibly do to get into the house when there earlier attempts fail? When they failed to get in as a gas man and next time they were scared off by the Burglar alarm,they might have stolen the keeper's car with the garage door opener in it to get into the house.
Where did the kidnapper took them? A big house with its crumbling pale red bricks and peeling paint on the window frames.
Where in the house they were directed to stay? Upstairs in a large room with nothing in it except an old mattress on the floor.
What did the kids do when they got there? they had nothing but the mattress so they did Calisthenics which means Gym exercises.
What was the bathroom like? The bathroom was the size of Darcy's Bedroom with a big old fashioned tub on legs and faded linoleum and rust stains on everything.
What did Darcy tell Dan after she came back to the Hallway from the Bathroom? That they cannot lock them up in a room without a bathroom,they have to go back and forth ,even during the night.
What did the kidnappers do upon hearing that? They unlocked them but instructed them not to go downstairs.
Who did Darcy saw at the top of the stairs to guard them? Two Gigantic Doberman Pinschers.
Ch9 What was Darcy worried about? That the kidnapper's won't let her go even if they get the ransom since she knows them and can tell police about them.
What did Darcy do to engage the kids? First she told them a story then played hide the thimble.
Where was Shana when they were playing hide and thimble? Out in the middle of the hallway only a couple of yards from the Doberman.
What did Jeremy Suggested? That they could explore the 2nd floori
Did the dogs did anything when they wanted to explore the 2nd floor? No they let them go.
How many rooms were there in that floor? Six big dusty room
What dinner did Dan bring? Hamburgers ,fries and cold cans of pop.
What did Dan offer to bring? One of Okie's Blankets.
Who was Okie? The old Caretaker of the house.
Where was Okie? In the hospital having an operation.
How was Dan in that house? He was asked to feed the dogs in Okie's absence so he got a key.
What did Shana do with her left over Food ? Before Darcy could stop her she walked out into the hall and dropped the mangled remains of her food in front of the nearest dog.
Did the dog eat it? Yes
What idea did Darcy came across upon seeing this? That may be they could bribe the dogs.
What did she do? She was hungry but still she saved her sandwich to feed the other dog.
Were the dog as friendly to her as they were to Shana? No,they growled so Shana put Darcy's Sandwich in front of the 2nd Dog and it was gone a moment later.
What did Did Dan said when at night Jeremy told him that he wants to go home? He said that they can't go home for a few days as they did not even call his dad for ransom as yet,and will be doing that about 2 o'clock in the morning.
CH 10 What was Dan worried about? He was worried about the fact that they have left the housekeeper,s car in a gravel pit which was not very far away from their hideout and that police might get to them .
How far was the house from the nearest neighborhood? Mile and a half.
What did Darcy hear at night when she could not sleep at hideout? the Telephone ringing and she hoped if she could make a call to police or to her dad.
Was Dan as insensitive as his brother Hank? No,as he said he was not going to hurt any kids.
Could the kidnappers find out that Darcy was listening to their conversation? No, she just barely made it upstairs and stretched out beside melissa when she heard Dan on the stairs.
Ch 11 Could Darcy get any sleep the first night? Yes,finally but she kept waking up.
What did Jeremy suggested next morning? That they should go explore the upstairs.
Where did the attic led to? A great dusty room with all kinds of junk in it,mostly old trunks and broken furniture.
What did they find behind an old dusty mattress? A funny little door.
What was revealed when they open they that door? Another set of stairs.
How did the stairs look like? Steep and narrow,almost like a ladder,curled around like the stairs in lighthouse.
What did they find at the end of the stairs? A Cupola,a round room at the top of the house which was used as children's playroom as there were toys in there.
CH11 What was Jeremy entertaining himself by? he was at one of the open windows,a toy arrow in one hand ,stretching out to poke at a wasp,s nest which he thought as a bee,s nest.
What did they took downstairs from the cupola? A box of old children,s books.
What did Dan bring for breakfast? Hamburgers again.
What was Shana,s reaction on that? She stuck out her lower lip and said "NO,GO s chicken" as she likes cereal for breakfast.
What did she want? Froot loops.
where did they eat their breakfast? In the kitchen downstairs.
what did Dan said as to when can they go home? He said that after dark their dad will meet the kidnappers and handover the money and then they can go home.
What did they do after breakfast? Jeremy and Dan started to play a video game.
When could Darcy explore Okie,s bedroom ? When after breakfast Shana said she has to go potty. When Shana was done and they came out and saw that Dan and Jeremy was neck and neck with the game,she took a chance.
What did she find okie,s room? The Window opened easily and was only six feet off the ground.
Ch12 What did Henry do upon returning? he called mr. Foster and let the kids talk to mr. foster as he wanted to be sure that they actually have the kids before he pays the ransom.
what did Mr. foster ask Darcy? that they are alright? And that the kidnappers are mistreating any of them or not.
What direction did Henry give Mr. foster? at exactly 10 he was told to leave house in the gray merc And drive east out of town,on the main road.
what was Darcy worried about upon hearing that? That they had driven west out of town,it was the opposite direction they were giving Mr.Foster.
Why was she making some extra PBJ sandwich ? May be for the dogs to bribe them.
what was good about the dogs? That they were listening to Jeremy ,s commands and they thought if they are lucky the dogs will let them go.
What were some of the commands that were given to the dogs? sit,roll over,down.
What did Dan brought in the late afternoon when everyone was hungry? A bucket half filled with fried chicken,cole slaw,potato salad and roll.
What was Darcy praying for? that may be when its dark,there would be a time when it was only Dan in the house then they might have a chance to escape.
What did Jeremy said when Darcy wanted to go downstairs and see if there is a way to escape? That he want,s to come too,and that he will be real quiet.
Ch 13 Did the dog let Darcy and Jeremy go past them? Yes.
What was the command given to the dog when they went downstairs leaving Shana and Melissa sleeping? guard .
What was Dan doing? Dan was watching TV most probably a cop and robber show sitting at the table.
What was Darcy,s Plan? To get into Okie,s bedroom when the show is in an exciting part so that Dan does not notice them.
What did they do next? they got out through the open window of Okie,s bedroom,Darcy first and then he catches Jeremy .
did they find the gate? Yes
was it of any help? No, there were shrubs all around it through which Darcy could not get through and even if Jeremy would do , he was too small to do anything alone outside.
Ch 14 What was the idea that came through Darcy,s mind? That they might trick the kidnappers by giving them an idea that they got out through that gate.
What will that do? They might get scared that that the kids might call the police and thus they won't meet mr. Foster and runaway leaving the front gate unlocked and the phone unguarded and so they can be rescued.
what did they do to trick the kidnappers? they began to break off branches and trample them down,then tore a piece from Jeremy,s shirt and stuck it on the fence like a tiny flag.
What did they do next? they put all the dog food left on the ground so that the dog come their smelling them and they could find their shirt piece and think they escaped through that Small gate.
What did Jeremy ask Darcy ? That if they are not escaping what are they going to do?
Could they get back to the room safely? yes.
Where were they going to hide? In the cupola.
What things did they take with them to the cupola? a rug,two ragged old sleeping bags,a couple more blankets,a box of books water and a potty chair.
What did they use to carry water? Old canning jars.
What did they do with the sleeping girls? Darcy carried Shana when everything was ready in the cupola but she had To let Melissa walk the final flight of stair as they were too narrow .
could Darcy sleep in the cupola? No she wanted to but she did not,instead she sat there thinking what might be going on,when another idea struck her.
Ch 15 How did Darcy got sting by wasp? While removing a wasp nest from their garage with TIm though she yelled at her brother for leaving the nest alone.
Where was she stung? leg and thumb,it was so painful she could not sleep that night.
why was she remembering all these about wasp nest? As she got the idea from Jeremy to get the kidnappers stung by the wasps.
What did Darcy wanted to do with the wasp nest? She wanted to use it to protect herself and the kids from the kidnappers,but for that she wanted something to put the nest in so that she can use them when needed.
what happened when she was getting the plastic bag from the trash? She heard a car coming.
Who was in the car? Pa Hazen and Henry.
Where was they coming from? They were coming after collecting the ransom money from mr. foster.
What was the kidnappers talking about? That they got the money and shld. Leave immediately as their mom won't look for them until Sunday as they told her they are going fishing.
What did Pa Hazen told Dan to do? to get in the car and that he will take care of the kids listening to which Dan got worried.
What happened when Pa Hazen came looking for the kids? He got bitten by the dogs on his leg badly as he was cursing and kicking one of the dogs when he could not find the kids.
How did Darcy and Jeremy took off the wasp nest? Jeremy hold the plastic bag up tight against the roof and Darcy took the nest off the eaves with the help of a tiny spatula from the toy dishes,when it came loose she grabbed the bag ,twisted the top and secured it with thetwistem.
What did Darcy saw when she was on the roof watching he kidnappers below? Blue blinking lights from a police patrol car.
what did she try to get the attention from the police car? she tried to shine her flashlight but after realizing that it was too little she asked Jeremy to flick the light of the cupola on and off like SOS.
what happened after that? The police car was gone as she could not see any blue light any more,but the kidnappers came to know where they were and was coming after them.
Ch 16 What did Darcy do before the kidnappers could get them? She took all the kids out the window of the cupola and told them to lie down and turn the plastic bag with wasps upside down inside the room and tugged the window closed.
what happened next? Henry was about to get to them and open the window when the wasps started to sting him all over every exposed bit of skin.
What was the most welcome sight in the world Darcy talking about? after all these wasp things they saw a police car coming fairly fast through the woods.
where was Pa Hazen when the police came? Back in the black sedan with one of the dobermans on each side of it,leaping towards the window barking and snarling .
What did Darcy say to he dogs ? Down boys ,sit.
Did the dog listen to her? Yes,they did,they fell back from the sedan.
How were they rescued off from the roof? By a fire dept. ladder truck. Fireman carried all the kids and Darcy climbed down herself.
What was Jeremy,s dilemma? When they got to town he had a hard time deciding whether he should go in the police cruiser or the fire truck.
What did he decide? After hearing that they could not run the siren on the fire truck he decided to go in the cruiser with the rest .
How did the police locate them? By the house keepers car,which they found in the gravel,so they thought whoever left it will be close ,so they watching that area while mr.foster went with the ransom money and then they saw her signal.
What did Mrs,Murphy told Darcy? that she was leaving as she was getting too old to be in charge of young children.
What did mrs. Foster offer Darcy ? A job for the rest of the summer as the babysitter for the foster kids. she will be given a raise and a reward for all she has done for the kids during the kidnapping.
What did Darcy has to say to that? she agreed but said that the kids need more attention from their parents as well as from a sitter.
Why was she nervous upon saying that? bec,It was really not her business and they might take back the offer just made to her.
what did mrs. Foster said upon hearing this? That she agreed with her and she has to talk about that once Darcy comes there next day.
What did she tell her dad when they were about to leave? That somebody will have to take care of the dogs until okie comes home from hospital and that she might be able to do that.
What did her mom do upon seeing her? She hugged her and cried and asked if she was hungry and also allowed to have a piece of carrot cake between meals which was against her rule.
What did Darcy Find out about Diana from Irene? That she is not in the tree house cause Darcy's mom found her there and Irene told her the whole story about Daina.
What did Darcy's mom do upon hearing Diana's story? She called somebody from the child protective services who will have a hearing to decide she has to go home or not.
How Did Mr. Hazen according to Darcy came up with the idea of kidnapping the foster kids? He must have heard about the Fosters and their house from her sister Ellen after she baby sat for them and thought it would be a good way to get some money without working for it.
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