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SPS 2012

Studying People Scientifically Vocabulary

clinical trial A part of a medical study that tests the safety and effectiveness of a drug or treatment on people.
control Part of an experiment that is not being tested and is used for comparison.
data Information gathered from observations.
dependent variable The variable that is measured in an experiment.
ethics A person's sense of right and wrong.
evidence Information and facts that help prove something.
hypothesis A prediction that can be tested.
independent variable Variable that is changed in an experiment.
inference Logical conclusion based on observations.
informed consent Agreement by a patient to participate in an Experiment after they understand the risks involved.
observation Information that you obtain through your senses.
placebo A substance which contains no medicine, but which the receiver believes is a medicine.
placebo effect The response of patients to a treatment even though it has no active ingredient.
qualitative An observation made without measurement; descriptive data.
quantitative Data that is measurable; observations based on numbers.
range The limits between which variation is possible.
reproducible Describes an experiment that produces similar results each time.
sample size Number of subjects observed in an experiment.
scientific method A series of steps that scientists use to answer questions and solve problems.
Trade-off Alternative that must be given up when one choice is made rather than another.
variable Something in an experiment that can change.
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