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Ch.8 Fossils study guide

Remains or traces of past life,often found in sedimentary rock. fossil
The hollow space that is left when sediment hardens around the remains then dissolve. Mold
A fossil formed when dissolved minerals fill a mold and hardens. Cast
A fossil of an organism that lived in many places around the world for a short period of time,it can help scientists find the age of a rock layer. Index fossil
Most fossils are found in which type of rock? Sedimentary rock
When an organism leaves a footprint in the mud and the mud hardens into stone,this is what type of fossil? Trace
In sedimentary rock,which layer is the oldest? The bottom layer
An_____ ______ lived in many places for only a short amount of time. index fossil
Which fossil method can preserve a whole animal? Trapping in amber
A giant super continent is also known as what? Pangea
A fossil of a fish is found in the desert, what does this give evidence of? There must have been water in the desert.
Study of fossils. Paleontology
True or false, some kinds of living things have not changed in millions of years? True
What is the most likely body part of a shark to become a fossil? Teeth
What did the ancestors of elephants and mammoths have in common? The ancestors of elephants and mammoths did not have trunks or tusks.
A paleontologist finds a fossil of an unknown insect.How can the paleontologist classify the fossil? Once a paleontologist finds an insect fossil,he will try to compare it to a modern insect of today.He will classify the fossil by telling if it is a cast or mold and where it lived.
Why is studing fossils of ancient animal important? It is important because if we didn't study fossils,we would have no information of what past life might have been like.Example:what if a paleontologist found a fish fossil in a desert,he would predict that there was once water in deserts.
Created by: Dylan.Lane@kiski