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Latin 7


ver spring
aestas summer
autumnus fall, autumn
hiems winter
Solis Dies Sunday
Lunae Dies Monday
Martis Dies Tuesday
Mercurii Dies Wednesday
Iovis Dies Thursday
Veneris Dies Friday
Saturnii Dies Saturday
What was Sunday named after? the sun
What was Monday named after? the moon
What was Tuesday named after? Mars, the god of war
What was Wednesday named after? Mercury, the messenger god
What was Thursday named after? Jupiter (Jove), the king of the gods
What was Friday named after? Venus, the goddess of love and beauty
Ianuarius Janus, the two-faced god of doorways and beginnings
Februarius februa - a purification of sacred places
Martius Mars, the god of war
Aprilis aperire - to open
Maius Maia, the goddess of growth and increase
Iunius Juno, the queen of the gods
Iulius Julius Caesar, famous Roman who improved the calendar and achieved much for Rome
Augustus first Roman Emperor
September originally the seventh month
October originally the eighth month
November originally the ninth month
December originally the tenth month
dies day
mensis month
annus year
anni tempus time of year (season)
heri yesterday
hodie today
cras tomorrow
What months were added to the calendar at the end of the Roman Republic? January and February
What months were renamed at the end of the Roman Republic? July and August
What was the original name for July? Quinctilis
What was the original name for August? Sextilis
How many months did the Roman calendar have until the end of the Roman Republic? ten
What was one thing that was not added to the Roman calendar at the end of the Roman Republic? leap year
Why was the Roman calendar changed at the end of the Roman Republic? the years were too short
What did the Romans base their calendar year on before the end of the Roman Republic a lunar calendar - 10 months with 28 days
What did the Romans base their calendar year on at the end of the Roman Republic? a solar calendar - 12 months with varying days
tempestas weather
Tempestas est bona The weather is good
Tempestas est mala The weather is bad
Sol lucet The sun is shining/ It's sunny
Pluit It's raining
Ningit It's snowing
Grandinat It's hailing
Fulget It's lightning
Tonat It's thundering
Ventosa est It's windy
Calida est It's hot
Tepida est It's warm (comfortable)
Frigida est It's cold
Nebulosa est It's cloudy
Obscura est It's dark
Pruinosa est It's frosty
Glacialis est It's icy
Spurca est It's awful/terrible
Lubrica est It's slippery
Serena est It's calm
Procellosa est It's stormy
Aestuosa est It's muggy/humid
What was Saturday named after? Saturn, the father of the Olympians (Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto, Juno, Vesta, and Ceres)
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